French Connection 2011 Campaign

This is by far the most unconventional and unique campaigns I’ve come across.

Set on the Isle of Malta and Gozo, the preliminary question of French Connections Spring 2011 campaign is ‘Are you man?’ ‘Are you woman?’  
Radically pushing the ambassadors to the edge as a test to discover what it is to be ‘man’ or ‘woman’ in the 21st century. 
Obstacle  –  To perform a series of tasks in created scenarios.
These ‘created scenarios’ refer to riding a horse in the sea, looking spectacular atop an inflatable animal, dancing on piano keys, wrestling a biker...you get my drift. The tongue-in-cheek humor gets to you. (In a good way)
This vintage inspired, visually captivating campaign completely mesmerizes you with its sheer simplicity.

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  2. wow such a cool campaign, very different and surprising from French Connection UK. thanks for sharing this! :)
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  3. Oh I love this, so simple yet so creative!

  4. Hi Masoom, how are you? I love your blog name: Style fiesta. its very you! The commercial is unique! I've never really seen anything like this before, thank you for sharing.
    Katy http://katyrosli90.blogspot.com/


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