Spring 2011 : Wide leg pants.


Tailored and prim, sophisticated yet casual with mid to high waists, : that’s how my 2011’s favorite trend plays the game – The wide leg pants.

When I say wide leg, if your thinking ‘bell bottoms’ let me just stop there and correct you. Wide leg pants are as wide at the hem as they are throughout the rest of the leg, including the calves, knees and thighs.

The likes of Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Jason Wu haven’t left any table unturned to show us that its their favorite too. Wide-leg pants have flooded the runways (and how!) and nobody’s complaining yet.

Frankly, Im tired of seeing everyone around me in tiny dresses that seem to get tinnier every time. Same old same old. Wide legged pants are bringing in that thankful difference  – encouraging wearing of more dressy/ladylike tops, blouses and accessories, creating an overall picture of effortless chic.

Wearing wide-leg pants 101
1.  1.Don’t lose the heels. Flats will simply never give these pants the attention they need. (The only exception here is moccasins or loafers if your going for a more masculine look)
2.     Don’t minimalize the pants. Go ginormous, and let them speak for themselves.
4.  3. Remember that every trend is not made for everyone. Wide legged pants look fabulous on taller frames. Shorties? Not so much.
   4. Keep the top simple and slim to counterpoint the voluminous pants.
5.     Waists work best a little higher and belted to avoid slouching in a sloppy way.

[1.Victorias Secret 2.Asos 3.Liqourish 4.Asos]

Personally, I cannot imagine life without my skinnies. Little bit of a quandary there.  So while Im not making wide leg’s my wardrobe staple yet, they cannot be overlooked as a stylish,  dominant and sophisticated addition to your 2011 repertoire.

70’s inspired bottoms are back with a bang and I simple cannot wait to get my hands on them.

Much love and even more excitement, 
Masoom R. Minawala

P.S.: What do you guys think of my new header?


  1. :) I love my skinnies and because I'm quite short, I don't know if these would be the thing for me unless they were VERY high wasted. I'm also quite...curvy (is a nice way of putting it lol) so, really, I don't think I'm giving up my skinnies quite yet. But if I find the right pair of wide leg pants, then I'll snap them up for sure!
    Have a great one! x http://xNTA.blogspot.com

  2. The new header is lovely! I can't wait for spring so I can break out some wide-leg pants. BTW, I mentioned you in my last post, so you may want to check it out. :)

  3. I love the middle three looks! But I don't know if wide leg pants would be my thing. Probably something I'll just admire on other people. :)

    And gosh, I know what you mean about the tiny dresses... sigh.

    x Courtney

  4. awesome header
    and i couldn`t agree more. I wear skinny jeans like its me religion but cannot overlook the wide leg. and i like the straight wide leg not the flared ones.

  5. I love wide legged pants and own a pair of denims I adore as you may know :P

    Like the new header!

  6. firstly...great header...
    and then the 70s look this s/s is quite exhilarating....funnily enough the wide-legged pants works on the petite stature of my sister...and not on moi...so i gather it has to do a bit with the shape itself...
    anyways really loving jason wu's s/s 2011

  7. i will try the wide leg pants because i'm so thin and tall, cool ideas! thank you so much!
    keep in touch on my blog too :) <3 <3


  8. Great header :)
    I like the first look, by Tommy Hilfiger!
    Thank you for your comment.
    I'm following you too!


  9. i actually like this style of pants, but i'm too short to pull it off. i'd look like a balloon ahah but if i were tall, i'd definitely wear these.

    follow me*

  10. Great header! It's quite catchy.
    Love the trousers. They help create a more polished look and are great for bussiness-y ocassions. But I'm just not ready to give up on my skinnies yet.=)

  11. Great header!! ;) Love the wide leg trousers from Jil Sander and can't wait to get my hands on some trousers from ASOS.

  12. You got it right with these pants!
    So cant wait to own a pair :)


  13. i have to say, this years spring trends are gorgeous. I love the sophisticated feel of it all!


  14. I think its time to take my wide legged culottes out of the closet!!!
    An award and a Cheetah Outfit

  15. I am with you, GOTTA HAVE MY SKINNIES! But LOVE the flare and shape of a wide leg trouser. Great highlight, a trend I say YES too!!


  16. Your new header looks very, very tasty!
    And this blogpost is great. Two of my favourite brands are Tommy Hilfiger and Jil Sander!

  17. wonderful :)
    follow us if you want :)


    thx :)

  18. Definitely a trend I'd like to try (with a budget pick like the ones you've shown of course!).
    I'm average height so *hopefully* it'll work, but I guess we'll see!
    Can't see me parting with my skinny pants anytime soon though ;)

  19. agreed wide legs are a nice break from the ubiquitous skinny jean! I'd totally wear them :)


  20. i love them but i dont know how to wear them gracefully,but your post has shown the light

  21. Thank you for the comment on my blog yesterday! You are so adorable. I'm in love with your long hair!

    I'm following you now on Bloglovin' and am looking forward to your future posts!

    Oh, and I love the header...making me very hungry! : )

    Have a lovely day!

  22. Oh, and would you consider 5'4 short? Because I am dying to try out this menswear inspired look....hmmmm.

  23. the header is awwww...I LOVE macarons, but it makes me hungry!!!



  24. great post on a great trend!

    my favorite is definitely jil sander

  25. Hi! You commented on my bloglovin profile! so i checked out your blog and.....I LOVE IT! I am following you through bloglovin and googlefriendconnect:)

  26. Eh I meant comment on IFB! My bad:/

  27. quite like the header too,the wide legs trousers are my favorite trends as well :)

  28. love jil sander and mj pieces!:)

    Journal J

  29. i love the new header, macaroons are my fave :)


  30. cant ever pull them off...im short and shout so wide legs make me look like a tea pot..lol... wish i had longggg legs !!

  31. I'm ALL for wide legged denims! I even channeled one recently...only if I had as good photographers at bay like y'all do! :)

    Can't wait to see you do it..you being skinny, this trend will look hot on you! :)


  32. I'll try it. I'll look way taller, but I'll try it. I think they're pretty much universally flattering.

    You would look way good in them!



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