Bournvita Quiz Contest was a lot of things to a lot of people – an educator, an entertainer, a streak of nostalgia, ‘edutainment’, knowledgeable, interactive learning, an opportunity. To me, it was simply a show I looked forward to every Sunday morning. And that was influence enough.

I have always wondered what happens to television programs that get shelved; I expect that they die in some TV show graveyard, eclipsed by snazzier copy-cat versions that take their space and TRPs. Except that some shows break the clutter to remain in our minds and hearts for a long time to come. An international example of such a program would be Friends, while on a more local level, the BQC springs to mind. The Bournvita Quiz Contest was an educational TV show with soul. It increased children's general knowledge through quiz questions, whilst simultaneously creating a cult following via Derek O'Brien's charisma. On today's TV guide, it's so very hard to find a show of that caliber; a show that can be remembered and maybe watched by our kids too. We need a show that inspires us to know the world around us. 

With a campaign that can whoop ass of the most influential designer label, having ‘Likes’ sky-rocketing to  - 1,46,777 in only 2 months- BRING BQC BACK is the perfect example of what ‘We the People’ can do.

(If you’re not a part of it yet, consider yourself Bob Marley in a room full of bald heads.)


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the the comment on my blog! Oh I wish I could bring back the good ole days when television programs I watched as a little girl were actually wholesome!


    Thanks for following me! I'm following you as well!!

  2. Oh yay!! Thnaks, i've missed Derek O'Brien's charisma! I loved watching it as a kid, i think it came on Sundays or something?

  3. oh yess derek O'Brien....the knowledge i gained through the show!(those were the intellectual days)...hehehe..but really there are so many other shows which needs to come back...;)

  4. yes...bournvita quiz contest with derek o'brien was the only T.V. show i always dreamt of participating in but never made it...
    it was very entertaining and educational...
    we want our kids to be as smart as us dont we???

    so im with BQU...we sooo want it back!!!

  5. I don't know that programme, but I miss other programmes that have been shelved.




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