Just a thought - The end of Couture?

                                                                                               Just a thought..

‘Fashion is for everybody’ is a great tag line for a marketing campaign, but with the countless collaborations and quantity-over-quality formula of designer houses, is couture losing its true essence?
There is a certain irritating misconception about ‘couture’ out there. It is correctly defined as ‘the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements.’ We’re talking devotion and loyalty to a designer that surpasses that of an Indian cricket fan – a sense of belonging that goes much beyond ‘clothes’ (And no, I am not exaggerating.) 
Honestly, I cannot imagine life without prêt-à-porter, but for the love of all things fabulous, I work today and hope to earn heaps of money to be able to afford this so-called ‘couture’ someday. I eagerly look forward to the day that I can get my hands on my first ever couture piece and with the ongoing quandary if it is no more in existence - I would be greatly disappointed. 
While our backs are recovering from bending over our laptop for hours, religiously stalking every show on style.com and expressing our admiration with 140 twitter love declarations, we seem to miss the fact that half of what we see on the runways never makes it to the stores. 
Why are the biggest designer houses designing only for the ‘convenient’ buyer? Where’s the love for creativity beyond money? We’ve seen LBD after LBD on the runway, and frankly we’re begging for more. Take for example - the Lakme India Fashion week. What did it matter whether you had front row seats or were lazing around in your couch, the excitement was the same – zilch. 
Have the conventional connoisseurs gone underground, or are we simply too blinded by ‘clearance sales’ to see them? Everything right now is about discounting – countless online stores that serve us 80% discount on a silver platter, but where’s the exclusivity?
Designers today indulge in advertising campaigns showcasing skinny models in contriving poses – rather pointless if you ask me. Wouldn’t you rather invest in something slightly (if not completely) more original, more personal, something that strikes a bond and honors long-term loyalty?
I’m a sucker for technology, social media and the advancing fashion spectrum, but my question in all of this is, is the love dying? Maybe not. But it is the relationship between the maestro and the consumer that is seeing a sad slow death. Not to forget – exclusivity today, is as scarce as a Louboutin without a red sole.
 But then again, maybe I’m wrong. After all - nostalgia is selfish. Maybe we’re not degrading, but just simply evolving. The price of silk is not what it used to be 50 years ago, so why expect fashion to be the same? 

- Masoom R. Minawala


  1. Agree with you ms minawala :)

  2. I love the way you contradict yourself at the end. But i have to as much as i love couture and everything around it , change is constant, if you dont embrace it, you'l be left behind and thats a mentality prevalent in all minds and hence the state.

  3. Completely agree with you. Like I said, maybe we're not degrading, simply evolving :)

  4. interesting thoughts, dear! this is something i haven't thought about and i think will have to ponder on more ;)


  5. Maybe we are evolving but it could just be phase..everything in fashion keeps coming back so don't be too surprised if this does too.

    A little dip is expected what with the recession and all!

    Like your write up =]

    Aditi Bhalotra,

  6. Did you write this? This is exceptionally well-written and I so admire the fact. Superb.

    As far as my thoughts go, haute coutoure has come a long way. It's difficult to comment from where I'm at in life right now, but yes, there are exorbitant trunk shows and for those unable to avail of those, there's creativity.

    Honestly, I don't get the time either to think so much but appreciate the facts when someone else does.

  7. You write so beautifully! :)


  8. something for a thought .. well written babe..

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  10. Really thought-provoking piece! I agree with that the idea of exclusivity is changing in fashion and the role of importance is given to whoever has the most money. However, I also believe that it's a good thing that fashion is becoming more accessible and democratic. There will always be couture and I don't think they're going anywhere :-) xoxoxoo

  11. This is such a great article. Fashion Cappuccino is absolutely right. My thoughts exactly.

  12. I really like this post and the way you write!

  13. Very well-written thoughts. I'm not sure where I stand at this point. The real couture has no competition, but how is couture even defined anymore if the outnet/Gilt is handing gowns out for wholesale prices? I'm not sure about the answer to that question.


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