Let me confess – I took advantage of my blissful holiday and transformed it into a blogging-holiday as well. The countless beautiful things around me combined with the unfamiliar, infatuating scent of an unknown land banished me from burying my head into my laptop. Nevertheless, I am now back and will be crowding your bloglovin/facebook/twitter updates as always :)

Antalya, Turkey was simply mesmerizing. Not the first thought when someone considers Turkey and I guess its exactly this unassuming, non-tourist vibe that makes it so special - Ancient castles & beaches, Quaint streets devoid of tourist attractions ,  fresh food brimming with Turkish delight & culture, and a history thats lovingly enveloping  you through every wall.
These pictures were taken at a beautiful beach in Antalya. Im wearing a Bershka oversized white shirt, Zara skirt, Portobello hat and Bik Bok earrings.

On a more exciting exciting note – stay tuned for a Giveaway coming up very very soon! 

- Masoom R. Minawala


Lancôme & the Royal Wedding

My newfound love for make up is slowly transforming itself into an addiction. I’ve found a high compatibility rate with Lancôme products and after seeing Kate Middleton’s wedding make up, the chic Parisian label just won itself brownie points!

I’m quite evidently late to the bandwagon but I just had to share some articles I read on the royal wedding’s make up. The aftermath comprised of me scampering to the nearest department store and devouring on some Lancôme products so I highly suggest you give it a look : )



There’s an unexplainable joy in being all tourist-y.  Thats me - donning a cowboy hat, leisurely sipping on the most delicious mango juice and inhaling the exquisite beauty of Portobello market- a plethora of avant-garde boutiques and antique stalls. 

 A rather sad news to break out but I'm not going to Greece anymore. So much for all the excitement. Although - I am heading to Antalya, Turkey instead. Guys reviews please, I want to know what I'm in for! 

Wearing Portobello market cowboy hat, Cheap Monday Vintage glasses (seen here), Vero Moda cardigan, H&M belt, Old Navy tee, Lion Jewelers ring and Owl necklace from Aldo.




Vintage frames – Cheap Monday for Urban Outfitters.

Meet my brand new love. Disregarding the fact that Urban Outfitters has pretty much swamped me with their incredibility, when I set my eyes on these (soon to become my favorite’s for life) there wasn’t much option left for me apart from BUY BUY BUY!
 The threadlike tiger-print metal frame did nothing but add to its fabulousness.

Remember how I said I couldn’t wait to get my hands on round vintage frames here? Well, I just did! Prepare yourself to be bombarded with these in future posts.

Also, thanks for the mention Style-Seekers. You can check it out here.



I have been incessantly pouring over home décor magazines lately. I accidently started flipping through one on a very lazy afternoon and that’s where the fascination began. I’ve been going through many but the one I especially cling on to is the BBC GoodHomes magazine – glossy pages brimming with innovative ideas, DIY’s and homes that you want to crawl through the page and settle down in.

A few pictures I’ve been lusting over:


There's a really exciting contest that BBC GoodHomes magazine is conducting, and the big home/interior-buff that I now am, I'm super kicked about it. All you've got to do is pick up the latest issue and answer the quiz inside - its a great way to boost your home decor knowledge and win exciting prizes while your at it! I'v already bought my copy and I'm firing away my answers, so I suggest you run to your nearest bookstore and buy yours, I promise you wont be disappointed with what you see :)



Wearing tan satchel courtesy of French Connection(FCUK), Vintage blazer, God made me Funky ruffles top, Primark jeans, Urban outfitters belt & Dorothy Perkins sunglasses.

French Connection(FCUK) was sweet enough to send over some of their pieces and one of my favorites is this unbelievably sleek Brigette Satchel. This faux-leather tan beauty entranced me with its delectable gold detailing, positioned itself at a firm notch in my routine and then took over my life, to finally become my 'everyday' bag.  (Trust me, it takes a lot to get there.)

Let me save you from the intricate details and descriptions and get to the point right away - I'm in love with London. All of it.

As you all know I'm on vacation (and a blissful one.) so I sincerely apologize for the lack of comments on your blogs, but I promise I will more than make up for it once I'm back. 
Also a big thanks to Blog Adda for making me their  featured 'Notable Newbie.' 



Hellllooooo! Touchdown London. Everything looks beautiful although my fingers are starting to turn blue from the cold as I type. Spotted the most delicious Marc Jacobs bag at duty free- Aaaah why must life do this to me? 

Will keep you guys posted! 

έχουν μια καλή ημέρα
(If you guys are wondering, that’s ‘Have a good day’ in Greek. Yes, holidays make me awesome.)



 Whether it’s the beach or the pool, lets face facts- We’re not always there to get our toes wet.

Sometime between my love affair with anything substantially relevant to high waist and the inevitable love for leather mini’s, I have developed an over-riding desire to wear these high waisted shorts every single day of my life.

I'm leaving for London and Greece in 3 days- regardless I'll be posting regularly. Re-uniting with the brother and the best friend so it simply cant get better than this :)
(Overwhelming excitement has now reached a point of eruption.)

(Reiss bag (seen before here) Sunglasses- Aldo, Hong Kong boutique high waist shorts (seen before here), Topshop swimsuit, God Made Me Funky sheer blouse)