When I first saw this red coat hanging nonchalantly in a hidden corner at a vintage store- a small part of me died of happiness. Had it known the torture and wear & tear it was going to be put through in the coming month, it probably would have made more of an effort to look less appealing. (Wait, that wouldn’t be possible.)
Bearing an intricately tailored frill and Victorian buttons, snuggling up in its soft wool was undeniably the best feeling in the world. I have been OBSESSING to tbe G over it - which explains the 21356789 times I wore it in a month : )

Totally makes me want to go on a fast to appeal to the weather Gods to give India a ‘real’ winter! 

P.S.: Esprit is having a 50% sale from the 17th-19th - I suggest you guys run to the store for a very mature yet summery collection. Fabulous pinstripe shorts, casual tee's, and sun dresses! 


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