The Cheese Shop

I spent half of my day in London at ‘The Cheese Shop’ devouring 35 types of cheese; never failing to taste divinity in each bite. With every nibble I felt like I was being transported into a parallel world  but then again, cheese tends to have that effect on me. My favorite was Comté -  both nutty and fruity at the same time, I simply couldn’t keep my hands off it. Sitting pretty in one of the most adorable markets of London – ‘Spitalfield’ the ambience only added to my fascination. The ‘Cheese Chef’ was a sweet French man who was kind enough to brief me on the history of cheese, how its made and the intricacies.(Did you know some cheeses are stored for over a year before they are ready to be eaten?!) I walked out with a big smile on my face, lots of cheese in my stomach and a little more knowledge about cheese. Hands down- the best afternoon possible.

You never know, a little cheese might just change your entire perspective on life :)


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