REHANE at Lakme Fashion Week, 2011

We're always looking for something different; the fascination no more lies in the ordinary. And just when this thought is wandering through your mind, comes piercing through - REHANE. 

Bare footed models dolled up in Johnsons baby powder (now that's what I call an 'uncommon sight') glided down the runway in slow motion- ignorantly allowing us to gauge and stare endlessly at every hem, every stitch. Raw mulmul and kora fabrics dominated repertoires that were subtly screaming serenity. The ensembles were in their unfinished forms, with tailor markings and chalk alterations scribbled on the 'Meera' collection. 


  1. isnt rehane just amazing!! she comes out wid great offwhites!
    i once had the opportunity to walk for her.. :)
    im a new follower.. loving ur style, n loving ur blog even more!


Thanks for your comment :)