What's the Vintage Obsession?

The first time I visited a vintage store in my life was only a month ago, and yet my apparent 'obsession' can be traced back to more than two years ago. Strange? Yes. Uncommon? No. 
Amidst all of the uniformity in designer and fashion houses, vintage remains the sole element to be breaking away from the norm. Or you could interpret it as the other way round: amidst all of the different looks, it was the one common thread that lined everything together- transporting us to another era, with our feet firmly on the ground. An antidote to the pace of our modern lives? I believe, in substance, it's a revolution that has been sweeping the style nation for years- a rather skillful counter-blast to high street conventions.3
When I walked into a vintage store for the first time in my life- I was greeted with an almost enchanting wave of history. It suddenly sunk in- I would never see the spheres of the universe that these vintage pieces had once lived. By owning something vintage, I would indubitably be an integral part of a gently threaded story who's secrets lied solely within the realms of the garment- never to be revealed. Fascinating right? 
On the other hand, Vintage does not always fundamentally denote 'used' or 'second hand'. Take for instance the Oliver People's vintage frames I'm wearing in this post- they aren't used or second hand but impersonate 'vintage' as a trend; illustrating tomato-round frames and tortoise-shell delicate frames, transporting you ever so efficiently to a black & white world. So while the Tom, Dick and Harry's of the world were popping collars donning their wayfarers, I was sitting poised in a corner, my vintage frames propped ever so efficiently on my head, thinking to myself  how effortlessly 'vintage' had left me with a uniqueness that no one else had- smoothly setting me apart from the crowd.


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