Fall trend - the cape

Pictures courtesy Anicca Chhabra. 
Wearing brown cape courtesy Vero Moda, Zara jeans, Primark shoes, Dorothy Perkins Sunglasses, Colaba Causeway Bangles, Traditional earrings from an exhibition and turquoise bag from the Style Fiesta Store.

Its always a pleasure prancing around in capes like these (courtesy Vero Moda). You can wear a more defined lineation by throwing on a belt (or two) but I personally prefer going the natural way. Sans accessories. Splendid for snuggling up in too.

On the Fashion News front - 
 Luxury brand 'Dolce and Gabbana' officially shut down their youth inspired 'D&G' line. Yves Carcelle is to leave Louis Vuitton as Chief Executive, to be replaced by Jordi Constans. And Giles Deacon has left his position as creative director at Emanuel Ungaro.

Also, Suzy Menkes stated in her collection review that Raf Simons is to leave Jil Sander and replace Stefano Pilati at legendary couture house Yves Saint Laurent, and as we all know, with news like these, a nonchalant drop of words tends to go viral.(especially from a source as compelling as Menkes) We're talking about two of my favorite designers in question, so I cant seem to decide whether I'm ready for the change. Unmistakably, Raf Simons will enchant me wherever he goes.


Street Style India. Gujarat Fashion Week (Part 2)

Reigning trends : Turbans, Stripes, heavy layering, Indo western wear (watch shirt being amalgamated with a sari) & Prints.


Burberry S/S 2011 show - live streaming from Hyde park, London on Style Fiesta

The digital style revolution currently reverberating all over the world couldn't possible get better than this. As every designer exceeds another in this social media rat race, Burberry breaks all records by enabling its fans all over the world to watch the show at Hyde Park, London LIVE! Doesn't matter whether your in Beijing or Kathmandu, you don't need to miss out on anything.
Live streaming includes red carpet arrivals, exclusive backstage access and an immersive holographic brand experience.

Enjoy the experience. Exclusively on Style Fiesta. 

A model at lakme fashion week, 2011. street style india

Street Style, India. Lakme Fashion Week 2011

Street Style, India. Lakme Fashion Week 2011


Pretty Persuasion

Wearing River Island print shirt, Beige Jeggings courtesy of Vero Moda, Red shoes from the Style Fiesta Store, Forever 21 beads and vintage black and gold earrings. 

Vero Moda was kind enough to send over a few gift vouchers and these beige jeggings were one of the many gorgeous things I was lucky enough to get my hands on. Lying on the skimming border of formal and casual  they are unbelievably flexible when it comes to playing around the fringes of your look. The fit (as you can see) is out of this world!
This black and white shirt is an over-exploited, cherished component of my wardrobe. Ample of breathing space, retro gold buttons and flattering to practically any body shape - you can't go wrong with this one.

Also, just launched the new collection on the Style Fiesta Store (www.stylefiestastore.com) Do have a look :)


Cynthia Rowley Resort Collection

"My Resort Collection is all about coloring outside the lines," said Rowley. She unarguably lived up to this promise with poppy blouses, palazzo pants and an asymmetrical mango cutaway skirt - mixing and maxing it up without a hint of hesitation. I can't help but already have fleeting visions of gliding down in her craftily created, distracted hemline skirts and out-of-proportion silhouettes. 


Gujarat Fashion Week

Reigning trends : Prints, Color Blocking, Stripes and polka dots (look closely at the blue blouse), Embroidery, Head draping, Copper Bangles, Patterned sleeves, a pinch of Anxiousness and big fat Smiles. Welcome to Gujarat! Excuse the natural expressions, street style is still kicking into the circuit.

Now, which fool said India's fashion is one season old?


A mans shirt in a womans world

When I'm given a mans shirt the usual approach I take is an androgyny look. Rummage inside my father/brothers cupboards, pull on a pair of quintessential jeans and belt, throw in a briefcase-esque carry all and I'm ready to proclaim the 'mans' shirt as a comfortable ingredient of my ensemble.
This time, I wanted to take on a new operandi. Thus followed the embodiment of a mans shirt in a womans world :) 

This was a challenge by www.zovi.com - a mens online shopping portal, to style one of their shirts. The journey was a pleasure, right from the easy and clear selection to a clean payment platform and immaculate delivery and packaging (Within the next 24 hours!). I was impressed!

This H&M blazer is heaven sent. Crisp cuts and intricately tailored tangents. You'll have probably caught a glimpse of this delicious mint skirt from Miss London in this post but as you can see- it deserved some limelight! 



Red Suede Booties for Fall?

Yes PLEASE! Incomparable to spruce up your basics. Our feet could do with a little pampering too. And it only helps that it happens to be Alexander McQueen doing the business. 


Nuclear Wintour.


There are some people that manage to leave a mark on you even without holding the possibility of a chance meeting. Anna Wintour holds the top spot on that list for me. Women as powerful as her are teaching us something very important every day. Its not about editing an elephantine institution commonly known as 'Vogue' - its about having an opinion, and more importantly, the courage to express it.

Now thats a woman I want to see on the Vogue cover. Someday..


In and out of love..

Two Things I learnt this month: 1. It never hurts to have a turquoise bag in your wardrobe; and 2. Blue Denims are simply too monotonous to wear when you can contemplate between mustard, raspberry and ivory.  
Wearing Bershka Jeans (seen before here), Zara Shoes, Jane Norman Poncho and Aldo bag.

In other news- Bershka finally launched its online shopping portal, Azzaro has appointed Mathilde Castello Branco as its new creative director, Luxury stocks took an astonishing downfall in the month of August and Valentino reported a revenue boost of 24 percent in the last 6 months. 

Also, thank you for the feature LTWT!
(Special thanks to Dipna D and Bouncy Mehta for the pictures.)



The accessory I'm currently gorging over is not the ubiquitous crowded arm of unmatched, charming bracelets. 
It's the charming little lady in Gold. The kind of accessory that doesn't beckon attention but once your gaze accidentally falls on it- it sweeps you off your feet with its subtle charisma. If you'll are wondering what it specifically is- it's a snake nail ring from Bijules. The brass beauty writhes down the wearers finger and embodies the nail. Unlike a mere accessory it adopts the defining character of the nail to skillfully become a part of it. The gold nail paint was a spectacular idea by the wearer and should be blindly borrowed by anyone sporting this avant-garde jewelry. Little piece, big impact


Orange & Blueberry Pops

  via becauseimaddicted
Orange & Blueberry Pops                                             

I'm not a kitchen person (not even close to) but I love periodically sharing a few recipes with all of you because there are some that have the adequacy to instantaneously transport you into food heaven. Blink, and your in paradiso! 
This was simply one of those. Couldn't have possibly asked for anything more on a sunny spring day. 
Cooking time is approximately 10 minutes so its an all out win-win situation! (Did I mention that its low fat too?)

You will need:
1/2 cup milk (Any kind of milk will do; if you want a creamier pop go for cream)
1 1/4 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
1/4 cup blueberries 

Mix the ingredients and pour into popsicle moulds. Freeze for 5+ hours or until firm and then devour!


Maxi Blues

 Perfectly in character for the seasonal transition, you cant miss making a dramatic impression with a maxiThe beauty is held by the intimidating length and only added with the one color domination.
I suggest you go bold with a singular piece of statement jewelry and keep the rest simple. 
Minimum effort and maximum expression!

This necklace, ofcourse, isn't new to you'll. My dedication, commitment et all has been pretty unavoidable. (Remember this post?) 


Color-blocking Connoisseur, Street Style India

Jagvir Matharoo. Designer. Loves Phoebe Philo & Escargots.  

An impeccable dresser. Couldn't tear my eyes off that composition!