Contemporary Touch


Photos - Anicca Chabbra

What I'm Wearing - Zara jeans, top and shoes, Sisley oversized clutch, Style Fiesta Store matte animal print sunglasses and H&M bracelet.

This top was a fantastic purchase for the Diwali season. On days that I didn't feel like wearing heavy, traditional pieces, it allowed me to work a contemporary repertoire, and yet be well in touch with my roots.
What I'm wearing above is a very flexible outfit. To steer deeper into the traditional radius pair this top with a churidaar instead of skinny jeans and throw on an abstract dupatta. 



Nude Palettes

Photos - Anicca Chabbra 

What I'm Wearing - Balloon Sleeves blouse form H&M, 7 for all Mankind jeans, Primark shoes, Earrings and clutch from the Style Fiesta Store.

How are we all enjoying our fall? If you live in Mumbai, it doesn't necessarily signify any drastic changes weather-wise, but style-wise? Most definitely yes!
I've been loving nude palettes for my fall transitional style and adding the slightest hint of color with accessories touches up the outfit.

As you may have noticed, contrary to the past, I have been posting ever second day on Style Fiesta. So I suggest you all hop onto stylefiesta.com every second day instead of the earlier twice a week schedule. Thank you :) 


YSL Shoes - Spring 2012


With the rumors flying around about Raf Simons taking over Yves Saint Laurent, this might as well be Stefano Pilati's very last show. Underlying question is - did he make it worthwhile?

The metal plates adorning the frontal fraction of the shoes in the the most perfect tint of gold simply stole the show. And the gold shields embellishing the suede loafers? Simply stole my heart. 
For every shoe-enthusiast - welcome to Candyland! 


Black, White & a little Turquoise

Photo Courtesy - Anicca Chhabra
What I'm Wearing - Forever 21 skirt, Vintage white shirt (practically 35 years old), H&M necklace, Aldo bag and Colaba Causeway bangles.

Black high waist skirt + White shirt with a dramatic fall = Heartbeats of our wardrobe.
Point to be noted - A predicted play of articles does not always translate into boring. 
I turned my 'predicted' look into an unpredicted one by jazzing it up with my favorite turquoise statement necklace and a matching bag, simultaneously taking the glamour quotient up by a notch.

Whatever your wearing, always personalize your style. Add an element of YOU and you'll be surprised with how pleasing the outcome will be. 


Color Overload

Photos Courtesy - Anicca Chhabra
What I'm Wearing - Promod cardigan, Pull and Bear jeans, Zara shoes, Michael Kors watch, Animal print blouse from Australian boutique and Style Fiesta Store sunglasses.

It doesn't matter if the color overload trend is two seasons old, I always enjoy adding that glint of excitement. There's a constant underlying challenge in accommodating contrasting orange, red and yellow but with a healthy dose of confidence and fearless pattern mixing - its not impossible.

The 'half-tuck' is a secret weapon I've been manipulating in the last few days. Try it with a cardigan or an oversized shirt and you definitely wont be disappointed! It accentuates your curves and leaves you with an impact-full asymmetrical construction.


Power Dressing With Prints

Photos - Anicca Chhabra 
What I'm Wearing - Animal print top from London boutique, Zara jeans, Tory Burch belt, Guess shoes, Style Fiesta Store sunglasses, and vintage earrings.

This animal print top I picked up in a sprint of luck from a London boutique was a super buy. The power shoulders and incredible fit exude confidence in a way only a real wardrobe investment can. I treasure it, and wear only to the most selective of events. And just as calculated, it tends to leave a lasting impression.
The best way to infuse color and allow it to have its limelight is to induge it into a monochromatic palette. To balance out an intimidating print like this one, I went with a candy colored belt. It creates a defined outline between the black, white and blue, and keeps things interesting and structured. 



Haute Couture - Creation of a Gown

'Haute Couture (French for 'high sewing or 'high dressmaking') refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing.' 
Thats how Wikipedia defines it at-least. On the contrary, my fascination has no definite explanation.

We tend to nonchalantly mention 'Haute Couture' for anything related to luxury, tailor-made clothing but in substance, it is legally bound in France. Only those firms which meet the preset standards defined by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris are allowed to pronounce their garments as Haute Couture by law. And believe it or not, as of 2011, there are only 11 members. 
Namely - Adeline Andre, Anne Valerie Hash, Atelier Gustavolins, Chanel, Christian Dior, Christophe Josse, Franck Sorbier, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Maurizio Galante and Stephane Rolland.

When I accidentally stumbled upon this video what enthralled me was the dedicated attention given to each seam; the hand-executed intentness of each stitch and most importantly, the excitement with which the gown fluttered on the runway; opulent in its charisma. 



Photos courtesy - Anicca Chhabra

First things first. If you haven't taken part in the French Connection India (FCUK) giveaway/contest on Style Fiesta yet do so NOW. Here's the link. 

I tend to follow a rule attending to proportion when I'm undertaking the balancing act of my outfits. Its simple - If its big on the top, its small at the bottom, and vice versa. (Remember this post?)
This time, I broke the rules. Big on top, big at the bottom. Threw on my favorite batwing shirt (that I usually wear with carrot, skin-tapered jeans) with white wide legged trousers and statement jewellery. The all-round flowy silhouette perfectly amalgamated into a sophisticated, effortlessly classy take on 60's fashion.


French Connection Giveaway

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Winners will be announced on 21st October, 2011.


Trend Radar - White & Sheer

Photo courtesy - Anicca Chabbria
Wearing Sheer shirt from Topshop, Skirt from Cotton On, Statement necklace from Preciosa, and Matte Sunglasses & ring from the Style Fiesta Store .

Let's all just pause for a moment to ponder on the colossal impact that 'White' tends to unleash on our closet chronicles.
I love color, no doubt. If you happen to browse through Style Fiesta's earlier posts, you'l barely stumble upon a handful of ensembles where I'm sporting White. Well, we all learn from our mistakes. 
I did falter with my choice of wardrobe investments, but in the last month I've managed to recover and stock up on a few simple, yet statement essentials. This shirt was one of them. Only after it became a fragment of my closet did I realize the extent to which I was over-using and exploiting it. Assimilates with every tint in the color palette and breathes silent sophistication into absolutely any outfit. Works for me!
 This shirt also urged me to jump onto the 'Sheer' bandwagon. I was under the impression of Sheer being impractical and fussy but boy, was I wrong! It's vital to remember to emphasize on the see through aspect - show something off (and it doesn't need to be your skin). Here, I'm enunciating the peek-a-boo aspect with a bright orange skirt. 

Seems like this last month has been all about letting go of your set ideals and venturing into new ones. And thats never a bad thing if we're talking in context of style.