Photos courtesy - Anicca Chhabra

First things first. If you haven't taken part in the French Connection India (FCUK) giveaway/contest on Style Fiesta yet do so NOW. Here's the link. 

I tend to follow a rule attending to proportion when I'm undertaking the balancing act of my outfits. Its simple - If its big on the top, its small at the bottom, and vice versa. (Remember this post?)
This time, I broke the rules. Big on top, big at the bottom. Threw on my favorite batwing shirt (that I usually wear with carrot, skin-tapered jeans) with white wide legged trousers and statement jewellery. The all-round flowy silhouette perfectly amalgamated into a sophisticated, effortlessly classy take on 60's fashion.


  1. Looks awesome. What shoes and bag you reckon would go best with that outfit?

  2. love the post :-)


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