Color Overload

Photos Courtesy - Anicca Chhabra
What I'm Wearing - Promod cardigan, Pull and Bear jeans, Zara shoes, Michael Kors watch, Animal print blouse from Australian boutique and Style Fiesta Store sunglasses.

It doesn't matter if the color overload trend is two seasons old, I always enjoy adding that glint of excitement. There's a constant underlying challenge in accommodating contrasting orange, red and yellow but with a healthy dose of confidence and fearless pattern mixing - its not impossible.

The 'half-tuck' is a secret weapon I've been manipulating in the last few days. Try it with a cardigan or an oversized shirt and you definitely wont be disappointed! It accentuates your curves and leaves you with an impact-full asymmetrical construction.


  1. Ooo, haven't tried the half-tuck yet! You look gorgeous in color!

  2. so lovely! when it comes to colors, the bolder the better...and you pulled this look off flawlessly! well done.

  3. there is no such thing as too much color i say!



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