Trend Radar - White & Sheer

Photo courtesy - Anicca Chabbria
Wearing Sheer shirt from Topshop, Skirt from Cotton On, Statement necklace from Preciosa, and Matte Sunglasses & ring from the Style Fiesta Store .

Let's all just pause for a moment to ponder on the colossal impact that 'White' tends to unleash on our closet chronicles.
I love color, no doubt. If you happen to browse through Style Fiesta's earlier posts, you'l barely stumble upon a handful of ensembles where I'm sporting White. Well, we all learn from our mistakes. 
I did falter with my choice of wardrobe investments, but in the last month I've managed to recover and stock up on a few simple, yet statement essentials. This shirt was one of them. Only after it became a fragment of my closet did I realize the extent to which I was over-using and exploiting it. Assimilates with every tint in the color palette and breathes silent sophistication into absolutely any outfit. Works for me!
 This shirt also urged me to jump onto the 'Sheer' bandwagon. I was under the impression of Sheer being impractical and fussy but boy, was I wrong! It's vital to remember to emphasize on the see through aspect - show something off (and it doesn't need to be your skin). Here, I'm enunciating the peek-a-boo aspect with a bright orange skirt. 

Seems like this last month has been all about letting go of your set ideals and venturing into new ones. And thats never a bad thing if we're talking in context of style. 


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