Pencil Skirt Trend

Photos - Anicca Chabbra
What I'm Wearing - Zara Pencil Skirt, Animal print top from a London boutique, Zara shoes, Style Fiesta Store sunglasses and vintage earrings

Lets take a second to thank Christian Dior for the dynamic birth of the 'Pencil Skirt' in the 1940's. Believe me, once you wear this trend, there is no turning back.
I was recently featured on UTV Bindass in a show called Style Police and this is the outfit I intended to wear for my big moment on TV. Due to an uncertain turn of events, things didn't quite go my way and I had to stick to a Little Black Dress, but ever since then it has unavoidably become the most commanding and magnetic ensemble of my wardrobe. 
Pencil skirts inevitably bring with them a sense of power. Try it yourself, and you'll know its true!


  1. SUCH an amazing outfit! The off-center zipper on this skirt is fantastic and I love how you paired it with a print and pumps!

  2. LOVE the pop of color from the shoes & you can never go wrong with an animal print top!!


  3. You look pretty. Where do you find clothes your size? I have a 23 inch waist and no store- FCUK and Vero Moda included stock ANYTHING that fits my waist.

  4. i believe pencil skirts bring about a sense of sophistication instantly! and i ADORRRE ur shoes.. n congrats on ur tv debut :)


  5. You should also mention the prices of these buys!

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of pencil skirts, but I definitely love animal prints!


  7. Skirt and shoes are fine, but the look is totally murdered waist up.
    Get rid of the hip fat yo, looks ugly with the tiny waist.


Thanks for your comment :)