White Lace Dress

Photos - Anicca Chhabra

What I'm Wearing - White Lace Dress from New Look, Charles & Keith belt, H&M ring, Reiss bag and Red beads fished out of my mothers jewelry box.

Try this.
 Keep your base an empty canvas. Preferably a white, black or grey, and accessorize with different hues of the same color family. 
Lace has been reigning the trend radar for sequential seasons and this enabled my Little Lace Dress to dodge the 'too simple/plain' bracket. There was an undoubtable hesitation when I   paired bright red beads with a slightly darker, more maroon-ish hued belt, but on completion - I loved how unpredictable the palette was.


  1. Thats a very classic look.
    The best thinned about the neutral coors is that they can be paired with almost any color and hence leaves us to be so much more creative :)


    P.S Loved the bag

  2. Wow! The best thing I liked about this outfit was white paired with red. Unexpected and pretty :)

  3. You look stunningly beautiful and classy... Beautifully put together...
    I love your BAG...

  4. You look so beautiful, I love your dress. You look so chic, so feminine.

  5. very refined
    the red though a cliched diversion from a neutral color palette but looks very edgy and elegant at the same time.
    the off white cream of the lace looks elegantly chic.
    loving it masoom

  6. sorry cancel the but*

  7. That bag is yummy! Love the dress - you look adorable!


  8. I love love love the white dress and the bag! You look great!


  9. super liked it ! -KUNJ from kohllined@blogspot.com

  10. I love that dress! White looks so pretty on you! :)

  11. Love the dress! And the purse... Fabulous!!!

    I [accidentally] came across this rocking website/blog of yours... How incredibly unique and super stylish!!!.... Especially your theme and the layout of the whole website. I'm just lovin it! It's very inspiring to a starry-eyed novice fashion blogger like myself :-) ...Still, I try!

    I'd love to have your thoughts on my [Indian] Art & Fashion blog... Thanks a bunch!

  12. I LOVE your outfit! The white lace dress is super pretty, and I love the red touches and your purse :).
    - Laura S

  13. Umm, red bead necklace fished out from your mom's collection or a Hill Road junk box ?

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