The Traditional Twist

Photos Courtesy - Ajay Koli
What I'm Wearing - Victorian Gown from Stylefiesta.com, Earrings from Aquamarine

This years engulfing wedding season has had one outstanding income. It made me realize the diversified beauty of Indian traditional earrings. They hold the power of spontaneously reconstructing a western outfit whether its bodycon dress or a classic blouse and jeans - you'll be left with a superior ensemble. Best part? You dont need to go scouting for these, you'll find a treasure in your mother/grandmothers cupboard.
Here, I wore them with my favorite Victorian gown. The ruby and delicate pearl work contrast perfectly with the intricate lace detailing. 

This black lace victorian gown spells royalty. I'd say its a piece you should save for a night you want to stun! 


..And we're back!


Photos Courtesy - Ajay Koli

What I'm Wearing - Leather Jacket, Earrings, Necklaces, Sunglasses & Bag from Stylefiesta.com, H&M neon pink top, Zara jeans and Bershka shoes.

Apologies for the mini (or more?) sabbatical. As all of you are witnesses to the brand new Style Fiesta, I'm guessing thats probably enough explanation for not finding enough time to blog. But, as always, we find our way back to the things we love..So here I am again!

Mumbai weather deprives us of bringing out our winter wardrobes, but frankly, its never stopped me. To put it straight - leather jackets are my weakness. They are easily the most versatile winter wear you can own in. When your investing in one - remember fit is your primary criteria. Snug & Short, and you're good to go!

I find myself always doubting that my 'statement necklace' is not statement enough. Thankfully, I've found the perfect solution. Layering! You'll have a more striking accessory at the snap of your fingers.


Uplifting Additions

Photos - Anicca Chhabra

What I'm Wearing - Palazzo pants - H&M, White blouse - H&M, Necklace & Cuff - Topshop, Marc Jacobs laptop pouch carried as clutch

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your basics - neon is an uplifting addition to any ensemble. Overdoing this already amplified trend is not an approach I would take. Basics in this case - black and white.
As for my pallazo's - anybody who's a frequent visitor of stylefiesta.com knows I cant live without them. The trick with these is, keep your top minimal. As much as we would like to experiment with the upper half as well, its a classic no-doubt bet to let the pallazzo's bathe in their spotlight.  

See the cuff on my arm? It was formerly for my ankle. Experiment with your accessories - it's fun and everybody who's watching loves the unpredictable. Wrap up your necklace and wear it as a bracelet. Got a bunch of pretty delicate chains? Clasp them around your ankle. Statement ring? Or wait, statement rings? Put it on a classic chain and wear it on your neck. 
If you try any of these, would love to know how it turned out. Do share pictures on our Facebook page :)


Trend to watch out for - Dogtooth

Photos - Anicca Chhabra

What I'm Wearing - Lipsy dress, Reiss bag, New look shoes, Style Fiesta earrings

Whats not to love in dogtooth? Its striking, vibrant and most of all - it makes a statement in the most classic colors of a palette. 
This has got to be my favorite print of the season. Parading down the runway or spotted on the street in underplayed accessories, I'm looking forward to stocking up on it this autumn.


Playful Accents

What I'm Wearing - H&M crop top, Zara pencil skirt, Michael Kors watch, Style Fiesta bag and ring

Pencil skirts are unanimously filed under the formal/office/boring category. But I beg you to stop right there and correct yourself. Like always, its how you wear it. For example, in this outfit, with bold, striking stripes I have evenly strayed into the playful segment. Add candy colored accessories to the same, in terms of a vivid clutch and quirky jewelry and you're set. 


Play Time

What I'm Wearing - Vero Moda blazer, Topshop playsuit, Style Fiesta necklace and H&M cuff

How often have have you spotted something you love on the street, went up to the wearer and asked about its origin, traced it back to the store and come back home heavier on the happiness and lighter on the pocket? I have a couple of times, and I've got to say, every time was worth the effort.
This crisp playsuit, with its impeccable tailoring and clean lines is a definite wardrobe investment. 
Only a month old, and I've already worn it at 3 occasions - 3 different ways. 


Necklace on your Back

What I'm Wearing - Zara Jeans, Top from Londons Spitalfield market, New Look necklace & earrings, Bershka shoes, River Island aviators and Style Fiesta watch

I urge all of you to wear a necklace on your back. At first it might seem odd, even out of place at times, but if you're dressing to impress, you've definitely got all the head-turning your hoping for down to tap. I recommend you opt for an open back attire and wear the necklace across your bare skin. However, if you're feeling particularly reserved, on the apparel itself works just as well.
Experiment. You'll be surprised with how many compliments you receive.


Pleated with Print

What I'm Wearing - Forever 21 cardigan, Skirt from London boutique, Zara tank, Oliver People sunglasses, Style Fiesta watch & Aldo shoes

Cardigans are to the day what blazers are to the night. Instantaneously transform the most basic of outfits. When the one in question is a merger of floral and monochrome, you know you've got a winner on your shoulders.
This pleated skirt is a wardrobe all-time favorite - flattering even on the most unflattering of days. The orange elastic band works as a fantastic canvas breaker and steers it away from falling into the category of 'far too simple'. 


Spring/Summer Trends 2012

 Spring/Summer Trends that I cant get my eyes off. 


Black & Gold

Photos - Anicca Chhabra
What I'm Wearing - Dorothy Perkins jumpsuit, Style Fiesta earrings and watch, Oliver Peoples sunglasses

If there's anything that I can blame my irregularity of posts for - its unquestionably the city of love - London. Whiling away 20 minutes on your laptop seems dubious when you're spending your time learning about Philip Greens maneuvers, living alone in an apartment, eating food that instantly transports you into paradise and living in the hope of bumping into Scott Schuman in the bustling by-lanes of oxford circus. Regardless, I apologize for the inconsistency and promise to spam your laptops religiously now that I'm home bound once again. 

Thank you all, for always coming back :)