5 Minute Style

What I'm Wearing - Jane Norman cape, Marks & Spencer tank, H&M necklace, Levis Jeans, Michael Kors watch, Zara shoes and Ray Ban sunglasses.

5 minute style - It's easy, it's stylish and it doesn't require any shopping. 
This is a technique I've mastered over time. Rummage through your basics and pick out your most comfortable pieces. I opted for blue jeans + black tank + cardigan + heels. Fitting needs to be impeccable. Determine your favorite statement accessory that you're positive can dominate an attire and voila! - You've got indulgent style in less than 5 minutes. 

Each one of you possesses these fragments in your wardrobe so I'm hoping you try this out and let me know how it goes!


  1. I love how you added a touch of color with the necklace :)Lovely outfit

  2. Love the outfit and the trick of dressing up quickly!! :)
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  3. Love your jane norman cape..its smart yet stylish


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