I'm what the average Indian girl would refer to as 'fairly short' (or rather petite if they happen to be in a good mood). Of all my clothes the most outfit-altering problem I face is with my jeans. It's beyond difficult to simply find a pair of perfectly fitting jeans that end where they're supposed to. I love/need my jeans ankle length - the only flattering fit for my blessed Gujarati figure (read: thighs) and after looking far and wide I manage to get my hands on just one amazing pair per year. Anyone in their right mind knows that's a ridiculous number.

Until of course - I found Jeansmaster. Residing at a quaint shop in Tardeo, Mumbai, he's primarily a jeans tailor and does a fabulous job with customization. You can have your pick with fabrics and cuts. I gave him my favorite jeans and simply asked him to replicate them. Perfect length et all. 

Over a few years I've repetitively met girls who've had major trouble finding jeans with the right fit. It could be skinny calfs or a disproportionate waist - do away with those unnecessary belts and have jeans specially made for YOUR body type. Jeans master was an enormous help to me and thought I would do my bit to help those who might need it :)

Address:   2, Yousuf Manzil, Tardeo Main RoadTardeoMumbai400034, Maharashtra


Layering Rings 101

Layering rings can be anywhere from simple and elegant to funky and fun, depending on your corresponding ensemble. Midi rings, as we all know, are steaming on everyone’s trend radar right now but I didn’t opt to include them in my layering. Why? Well, I’ve seen one too many images on Pinterest with the simple and elegant layering and I wanted something different – something bolder. Think of this as a ‘Statement Layering’.
I mixed motifs and textures to bring in diversification. A gold bobble + a subtle black but with an enchanting appearance + a coral floral for the perfect mix of flirtish fun.
My aim was to make my layering look like one coloassal ring – with a LOT of character, and that’s 
exactly what I got.
If you’ll try this trend, do tag @StyleFiesta in it. We would love to see! 


P.S. – I Hate This Outfit.

I shot for this outfit a while back and when I looked at the pictures, I hated the outfit. Why am I still publishing it on my blog? I’m hoping to make a point here. Too much isn’t too trendy – ever.
What I’m Wearing – Style Fiesta tights & denim jacket, Dorothy Perkins tank, Zara bag, Assortment on bracelets from F21 & Metal bridge sunglasses from Stylefiesta.com 


10 Application Every Fashionista Must Have

1.      Live From The Red Carpet: Waiting for the Oscars to show on TV not for the award ceremony but for the red carpet style? In that case , you’ve scored gold with this application! From browsing
 for specific award shows, to the ensemble worn by celebs, this application allows you to 
access both images and videos- the hottest events in Hollywood are brought
 directly to you in the palm of your hand! 
2.   Pixlr Express: What is a fashionista without her camera? Moreso, what is fashionista without her editing options? Pixlr offers all the finishing touches a perfect selfie needs and more.
        3.  Stylebook: Photograph and import your closet into this app to customize outfits. Track your wardrobe history with a calendar and create magazine like layouts with your own apparel.
       4.  Style.com: The Style.com app is great because it streams all the latest fashion news right to your phone. The layout is clear and easy to see on an iPhone screen. The app also features high-quality runway photos so be sure to download this beauty before Fashion Week!
       5.  Fashism: We understand the anguish one feels when on the fence about a certain outfit-
Fashism is a cure for all those dilemmas. It allows you to receive and give feedback while seeing 
daily style inspiration from others.
     6.  ASOS: The ASOS app is for all the shopaholics who thrive on online shopping. Easy to operate and always updated, the app is an absolute joy for ASOS fans. 
    7. Trendabl: Instagram-loving-fashionistas, this one is for you. Trendabl is one application you’ll get glued to in no time; working on the instagram format, this application allows you to upload your images and garner as many followers for your oh-so-stylish looks. 
 8. Glamour Ask a Stylish- Flats or Mocassins? Jeggings or jorts?-Glamour’s on call stylists will be your ultimate fashion confidantes. Here's how it works: Browse their mini-bios (some are from glamour.com, others from Craigslist), choose the one most up your aesthetic alley, upload your outfit pic 
and/or inquiry, and wait- the response is within minutes!
9. Ralph Lauren App: A number of individual designers have their own individual applications but the
 Ralp Laurn app stands out. Behind-the-scenes video, photo montages of the design and casting 
processes, archival runway footage and interviews with the designer- it basically lets
 you into the working of the brand!
10. Chicfeed:  Chicfeed is  a free, no-frills app that collects and organizes the latest images from street style blogs like The Sartorialist and Face Hunter into a simple slideshow. It’s my go-to app when sitting idle at home!


DIY Break Into Your Tight Shoes

We’ve all faced one of these three situations in life (I’ve faced all.)
1.     Bought Prada ballerinas two sizes too small because they were on sale
2.     Screamed in delight on finding literally the best shoes in the world only to go home and find out their comfort level is equal to walking on a bed of thorns
3.     Being aware at the time of buying about the horrid shoebites I would get, but well, a girl cant resist shoes.
While some of us prefer killing our feet by enduring all those excruciating shoe-bites to not wearing them at all, the rest are trying hard to seek a less painful solution. We, for one, have found the quickest way to slip into those pair of difficult but gorgeous shoes!
 What you need: Thick Socks, Hair Dryer
Step 1: Put on the pair of socks, and slip into your shoes.
Step 2: Heat the tight edges of the shoes with a blow dryer and wiggle your toes while you do so
Step 3: Voila! The edges have expanded and the shoes will fit you like a glove.


Does Your Fashion Need Approval?

 Do you buy things that people you’re shopping with (friends, parents etc) dislike? This snow white mermaid skirt was one of many such instances. But instead of submissively dropping it back on the rack and walking away, like I usually do, I went up till the finish line and walked out of the store happily with my closet one trendy piece heavier. Isn’t style supposed to be about experimenting? I tend to find that many disliking looks later, when I’m prancing around in my outfit, this same critic does nod at me in appreciation. I’ve started to believe that as long as you’re confident that you love it, go ahead and own it.
P.S. – Its from H&M


DIY Ripped Jeans

My first encounter with ripping jeans was out of spite. Ripped jeans were taking over all the trend reports in our favorite fashion world and I couldn’t get my hands on one. (ESPECIALLY in India, argh) I had no choice but to DIY.  With scissors in my hand, and an aim in mind, I was on a mission…and boy, was I happy with the result!
What you need: Chalk, Sharp Scissors, Jeans
STEP 1: Wear the jeans that you’ve chosen to be part of this enlightening (and slightly risky process). With the chalk mark where you would like the rips. I opted for one rip above my right knee and left leg two rips below my left knee.
STEP 2:  Wiggle out of your jeans and take your pair of sharp scissors in hand. Cut along the marked line. Its only Step 2 and you’ve already got most of your work done.
Step 3: Scrape the surface of the material horizontally (in the opposite direction of the grain of the threads). Depending on the size of the rip you want and the type of jean material, it could take a while to really get under the surface.
STEP 4: Open your scissor completely and using one side as a sharp tool cut along the ripped sides to give a frayed effect. Pull at the sides with your hands to widen the rips according to the width that you’re looking for.
Your done! SF Tip – Throw your freshly DIY’ed jeans in the washing machine to further rip them and give a torn, frayed look. 


SF’S Guide To Hard To Pronounce Fashion Brands

 Now you can confidently boast about your knowledge of French brands without hesitating about their pronunciation. You can thank us later ;)
What other fashion and beauty brands do you have trouble with? Comment below, and we’ll help you out.


When In Rome

 Capes are my new go-to for every occasion. And while this neon number isn’t the subtlest of choices, it does help me make an impact on gorgeous Roman steps. Pssstt, did you catch my Instagram video while I make a wish at the Trevi fountain? (@StyleFiesta)
Wearing Zara jeans ripped by yours truly, H&M cape, Primark one-shoulder white top, Zara bag & Tods moccasins. 


Florence Trade Fair

 I recently visited the Pitti Imagine Uomo (men) and Pitti Imagine W (women) trade fairs in Florence and I wouldn’t hesitate to say it was the best experiences of my life, related to fashion ofcourse. Pitti Imagine Uomo is the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections and for launching new projects in men’s fashion whereas the Womens trade fair is dedicated to special innovative, experimental projects and single-product and capsule collections.
Apart from viewing and interacting with some of the worlds (and Italy’s) biggest fashion houses, I was more intrigued when in conversation with the more local, more authentic designers. The experience was enriching, and as I freely discussed my business model with them, they emptied bucketful of ideas on my hungry soul. For all you know, you might just spot a Style Fiesta pop up store while strolling down Roman streets in the near future!


Louis Vuitton x Grazia

I had the most amazing experience shooting for Louis Vuitton for Grazia's April issue. This is a slightly delayed blog post, but better late than never. The shoot was on a yacht (a fabulous one that too) and we had to style Louis Vuitton's Mini Monceau BB cross-body bag. 
I chose the wine hue as my choice of color and aimed for an elegant retro look with my all-time favorite midnight blue velvet midi. I added a finishing touch with nude heels, gold accented chunky jewellery, dramatic eyes and tamed curls.

Here is how the spread turned out in the magazine!

Czech List - Prague

Assorted photo diary from my trip to Prague. 
My favorite tidbits from this beautiful city - 

- The goat cheese salad at absolutely every restaurant was worth having at every meal (my personal favorite from Czech cuisine) 
- The Segway tour!
- Walking repeatedly down the Charles bridge. The beauty of this stroll never diminished
-  The lock bridge
- Kampa Park restaurant which overlooks Charles river and has amazing vegetarian choices