Maxi Skirt Trend India

What I'm Wearing - Style Fiesta skirt, H&M shirt, Zara shoes, Dolce & Gabbana bag, Playground cuff,  Style Fiesta sunglasses

 Sometimes we're late on picking onto trends - but when we do, its a homerun. Maxi skirts are definitely last season but they're here to stay. Cant resist reaching out to this one every single morning (no jokes).

Conjured up a little '5 ways to wear' for you guys!

1. The Staple - Wear your maxi skirt with a tube top and bold necklace for a simple yet effective look.
2. The Sun Setter - Tuck in a sheer shirt (as seen above) for a casual, sophisticated appeal. Throw on a metallic look to hit perfection.
3. The Creator - Wear it with basic tank. But here's the best part - add a twist by tying a side or front knot with the tank itself. Crop tops are super hot nonetheless.
4. Voguish - Maxi skirt + simple blouse + leather jacket. Winning combination!
5. The Traveller - A pastel shirt, thick belt and super comfy wedges with a maxi skirt make for an ultimate travelling outfit.


  1. hi where can i buy this cuff??

  2. I could never find the right way to wear the maxi skirt, altho i love love love anything maxi!. I love the points 2, 4 & 5. They seem just me!> will try it fr sure. thank u!


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