10 Application Every Fashionista Must Have

1.      Live From The Red Carpet: Waiting for the Oscars to show on TV not for the award ceremony but for the red carpet style? In that case , you’ve scored gold with this application! From browsing
 for specific award shows, to the ensemble worn by celebs, this application allows you to 
access both images and videos- the hottest events in Hollywood are brought
 directly to you in the palm of your hand! 
2.   Pixlr Express: What is a fashionista without her camera? Moreso, what is fashionista without her editing options? Pixlr offers all the finishing touches a perfect selfie needs and more.
        3.  Stylebook: Photograph and import your closet into this app to customize outfits. Track your wardrobe history with a calendar and create magazine like layouts with your own apparel.
       4.  Style.com: The Style.com app is great because it streams all the latest fashion news right to your phone. The layout is clear and easy to see on an iPhone screen. The app also features high-quality runway photos so be sure to download this beauty before Fashion Week!
       5.  Fashism: We understand the anguish one feels when on the fence about a certain outfit-
Fashism is a cure for all those dilemmas. It allows you to receive and give feedback while seeing 
daily style inspiration from others.
     6.  ASOS: The ASOS app is for all the shopaholics who thrive on online shopping. Easy to operate and always updated, the app is an absolute joy for ASOS fans. 
    7. Trendabl: Instagram-loving-fashionistas, this one is for you. Trendabl is one application you’ll get glued to in no time; working on the instagram format, this application allows you to upload your images and garner as many followers for your oh-so-stylish looks. 
 8. Glamour Ask a Stylish- Flats or Mocassins? Jeggings or jorts?-Glamour’s on call stylists will be your ultimate fashion confidantes. Here's how it works: Browse their mini-bios (some are from glamour.com, others from Craigslist), choose the one most up your aesthetic alley, upload your outfit pic 
and/or inquiry, and wait- the response is within minutes!
9. Ralph Lauren App: A number of individual designers have their own individual applications but the
 Ralp Laurn app stands out. Behind-the-scenes video, photo montages of the design and casting 
processes, archival runway footage and interviews with the designer- it basically lets
 you into the working of the brand!
10. Chicfeed:  Chicfeed is  a free, no-frills app that collects and organizes the latest images from street style blogs like The Sartorialist and Face Hunter into a simple slideshow. It’s my go-to app when sitting idle at home!


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