What I'm Wearing : H&M Jeans, Vero Moda tee, Dolce & Gabbanna tote, Adidas sneakers, Style Fiesta sunglasses & chain

Finally finally finally giving in to the Sneaker/High Tops trend. I'm probably the last one in the global bloggers bubble to be embracing them but its never really too late to be jumping onto a bandwagon that looks like this.

When the fabbbb-ulous Adidas folks sent over these 'Superstar Up' high-tops in white I was super excited and super scared. How was I gonna style them without looking like I just walked out of a work-out? 
To save you from the trouble of figuring that out, I spent a couple of hours in front of my wardrobe and evaluated the best outfit-pairings. Here you go :
- Cut-offs paired with a flirty top/tank. White/denim cut-offs would look gorg
- Fluffy skirt & a jacket
- Mini-skirt. Brownie points if its leather
- Cropped trousers & a trench (Only for you non-Mumbai peeps)
- Shift dresses. My favorite!
- Batwing dresses
- Ankle lenght jeans. The way I've worn them! Make sure you roll them in even further to show off some skin.


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