Featuring : ASOS Exclusive Petite Skirt in Tulip Print from FLYROBE (Rs 300)
Photography : Jaina Kumar
Makeup : Viraj Soni

"Flyrobe - India's first fashion rental app is my latest treasure trove in app discoveries, and I'm uber excited to spill all the details because I'm sure you all are going to love it! Flyrobe lets you rent branded and designer clothing and accessories at a fraction of their MRP & the experience is further enhanced with a 3-hour delivery time (hello emergencies?!?), and the multiplicity of collections under apparel, bags & jewellery.
I found the concept to be super interesting and after letting my besties in on it, it got lost somewhere in my dozen app folders. Suddenly, a week later, I was heading out for a huge meeting and all my work clothes were either too boring and/or too casual and quirky. I needed to look like I meant business. AKA 'ditch your black trousers and look like you make a killing' look.
I had heaps of work for my big meeting and running out to the mall was out of the question. I quickly logged into Flyrobe, scrolled over to their 'Formals' section and suddenly I had so many alternatives that fit perfectly into my demands. I was immediately attracted to the strong presence that this ASOS tulip print skirt in a darker teal created and I'm sure I could dish out my work essentials to style this statement piece to achieve a corporate, yet stylish ensemble. This skirt was delivered to me spotlessly ironed, in a hanger along with a cover and accompanied with a free accessory to help amp up the look - how cute! 
The Flyrobe model encourages us to wear a new outfit every time we go out, with the fear of never having to repeat. All my speculations of renting an outfit, considering that it could have been used by someone else, were completely ruled out after seeing the condition of the skirt when it was delivered to me.
Flyrobe saved my day and you've got to get it because it might just save yours too :) Use the code 'MASOOM' while checking out & you'll get 25% OFF your order. Download here!

And if you were wondering..I really did nail that meeting. More on that later ;)


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