Indian Autumn

The festive season is knocking on all our doors (lets dive into a rant about how much we love Indian festivals) and when Flyrobe co-incidentally announced the launch of their festive collection/category in this bustling season, the news immediately felt heaven-sent. Primarily, because unlike almost all other traditional clothing portals, I liked 70% of the designs that were available for rent. Secondly, no more sweat-fests rummaging through suburbian exhibitions with my mom! Just a couple of clicks on the Flyrobe app (or their newly launched website), browsing through the likes of Shehla Khan, Surendri, and Samant Chauhan and picking a stunning outfit to wear to my Navratri party. All in the comfort of my cool, cozy room. 
I was immediately attracted to this Frontier Raas Orange Draped Cowl Kurta Set with emroidery thanks to its vibrant color that fit in just perfectly with this jubilant period. Additionally, the layered draping along with what looked like a peplum-cut blouse but was in fact a part of the kurta, made for a compelling silhoutte. One that made my wardrobe hadn't seen yet :) 

As an additional service (included in the price you're paying for renting the outfit), if your lehenga, or anarkali doesn't fit you quite perfectly, Flyrobe will send over a Fit Expert to have it customized to your size. Sounds a lot like a fancy butler service to me..


  1. Pretty color, simple and elegant looks.


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