Featuring : KOOVS Jacket from FLYROBE (Rs 299)
Photography : Jaina Kumar
Makeup : Viraj Soni

My weekdays consist of crazy work hours, meetings, dance classes and yoga. On the weekends, I make it up to myself by keeping them jam-packed with dinners and crazy partying till the AM. One such weekend, a close friend decided to throw an impromptu party at his house and I found myself in a real jumble. Naturally, given my social schedule, it gets quite difficult to keep my wardrobe updated with clubbing wear without repeating at a frequency that I would like. I had four hours to go, needed to look like a million bucks, nothing new to wear, and repeating a swab from my closet seemed way too strenuous. I quickly logged onto Flyrobe (remember, I told you all about it here?), scrolled through their categories and found the most alluring white & gold jacket I've seen in a while. Couple of clicks later, I had rented this KOOVS beaded jacket for a whooping Rs 299, a #CELFIE clutch from River Island (Rs 250) and earrings from Aquamarine (Rs 99). Thankfully, I do have a knack of mixing my existing outfits around and creating a fairly fresh outfit every weekend (Hello LBD tucked into a skater skirt), and given that the jacket I chose made a major splash in the statement section with its delicate gold detailing and luxe finish, I could happily put it together with existing basics from my wardrobe. I chose a basic white crop top and suede skirt to allow my jacket to bathe in the limelight it deserved and voila, you can see the outcome! 

The doorbell rang exactly 3 hours from the time I logged out of the app after completing my order and literally, saved the night :)
As opposed as I was to the notion of renting fashion, I now think its a mighty cool alternative to buying, given that you now have the option of wearing a new outfit to wear anytime without having the fear of repeating. Think about how this completely transforms your dressing woes!


  1. Love that clutch!! super cool, and amazing pictures :)

    www.scentsuncorked.com (its all about perfumes)


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