What I'm Wearing : Sateen Floral Print Debutante Prom Midi Dress from Flyrobe

Variety is almost the most crucial element of shopping online, and Flyrobe really happens to kick-ass in that division of ecommerce. At of course, a fraction of the price.
You've undoubtedly noticed how much I've been renting from Flyrobe lately and can you really blame me? Every time I hop onto their website/app, they have tons of new options for whichever occasion I'm hunting for, be it a party, a brunch, a meeting or an a big fat Indian wedding. This time around, I'm not gonna lie, but I really had no specific 'agenda' for this dress. I loved its flounce, its dreamy print and I just needed to wear it!
In this post, I've styled it with an oversized clutch and matching pastel pink scarf and shoes to enhance the street style meets fairytale feel. BTW, I ordered this dress and chose the 3hr delivery option and BAM, it was at my doorstep even before I was done scrolling down my Facebook timeline. 


  1. Again your looking very pretty. i have no word for enhance your beauty. I like your earrings.

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