What I'm Wearing : Sajeda crop top, Stylefiesta.com accessories 
Featuring : Loreal La Vie En Rose Collection

My obsession with pink goes a long way back. It started with pink roller blade sneakers somewhere around being 10 (we all remember that fad) to babydoll dresses in college, a pink and black bedroom, ofcourse the 'rose' representation in my swanky phone and now this set of 12 gorgeous lipsticks from L'oreal.

My entire office underwent a unified 'OMG' moment when I unwrapped the La Vie En Rose collection box. Let me dwell on 'unified' because there literally is a pink color for everyone in this collection. My favorite colors from this range are J’Lo, Doutzen, Liya, and Blake. I think it just helps when lipsticks are gorgeous to look at even before you apply them. Kind of like a treat to the eyes. Oh, and lips.

Worked with a different pattern with my outfit planning process where for the first time ever, my look was based on my lipstick. Keeping up with the pulse of the campaign, 'a state of bliss when everything around you is beautiful', I went with a skirt and crop that genuinely emitted happiness in my closet. My crop top actually comes with a lehenga buts its pintucked detail with a pastel canvas worked like a magic as a contrast to my bright lip. And the flouncy floral skirt turned up the playful quotient instantly. 


  1. Looking so pretty...the way u r carrying ur outfit, just loved it.can u pls tell me where is ur skirt from?

  2. Awesome pics! The pink looks fab on you. If anyone wants fashion blogger to follow then your will be on the top of list. Keep on posting!


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