Photos Courtesy : Mrinmai Parab
What I'm Wearing : Neccessary Clothing fringed cape, Forever21 top, Bershka jeans, Forever21 shoes, Prada sunglasses, Rolex watch, Style Fiesta accessories & Saint Laurent Betty from Reebonz

I like spending my money on a lot of things but if you would ask me my favorite way - I would definitely say bags and shoes. I love splurging my hard earned money on beautifully crafted handbags that never fail to elevate my look. The factors I usually hunt for are great design, unique shaping, wearability and minimal logo blaring. 
Last summer in New York I bought (or as I'd like to believe, invested in) the much coveted Saint Laurent Betty in a small size in red. Pretty sure you must have spotted me unleashing unabashed love onto it, on my Instagram. The price tag pricked at first, but right after its overuse in the first 10 days, I got over it. 

Fast forward to almost a year later. Reebonz, an online platform for buying and selling new and pre-owned designer fashion with 100% authenticity guaranteed sent me the Black Betty in Large to announce their arrival in India. The Betty was brand new, in amazing condition and came with an authenticity card all wrapped up in layers of gorgeous packaging. At a much lesser price tag. Insert jaw drop here. I was quick to log onto their website to only find myself drowning in insane selections of designer brands right from Celine and Chanel to Prada and Givenchy. 'Announcing their arrival in India' also equals to free shipping(!!!) and no import duties which we Indian fashion girls know, is the biggest obstacle while buying luxury online.

Apart from spanking new designer products, Reebonz also has a huge array of pre-loved items. Authenticity will never be an issue with a trusted website like this but I would recommend doing your research and looking into the condition of the item according to the levels of usage so you are aware of what you are expecting when your newest baby arrives at your doorstep!

SO excited to add one more destination to my list when I'm looking to get an amazing deal on my designer bags :)



Attended the opening of the Reliance Trends store at Infiniti Mall in Mumbai a couple of days ago and will be taking you through the event today! A spacious, modern space with clean white interiors and oodles of color in the merchandise coupled with super interesting, state-of-the-art details like video trials and selfie points to keep the fashion quotient brimming.

Reliance Trends perfectly hits the affordable fashion market with its trendy styles at high-street prices. Think ethnic wear that fuses brilliant pops of colours with traditional prints in contemporary designs. Can't wait to incorporate these pieces into my style and show you the outcome! Stay tuned :)




Photos Courtesy: Tinkesh A Photography

I came home last week to this absolutely gorgeous Yardley fragrance family of 'English Rose' at my doorstep. The carefully decorated basket of an Eau De toilette, Talc, Body Spray & Soap was intercepted by my family long before it made it to my room. After using these products for nothing more a than week, I don't blame them anymore for their obsession with anything Yardley.
The English Rose fragrance instantly transported me back to my vintage English dreams. I was sitting cross-legged on my victorian dresser, playing with my antique-finish brass draw-openers, recovering from a life of romantic long walks in the english country-side. Yes, that's the vibe you're expecting from this range. In terms of smell and ingredients, dry autumn roses are centre stage, but the spices too are very prominent with a gorgeous wood base. It seems quite strong when you first use it, but isn't overpowering at the same time. I wouldn't say its too long lasting, but I think it doesn't really matter as the result is just simple, light and pretty from an overall perspective.

Think I'm gonna have to fight the women in my house to let me keep at least half of these products :D

To find your English scent check out Yardley’s Fragrance Quiz here!



What I'm Wearing : AQUA skirt, H&M Tee, Heel & Buckle bag, Prada ballerinas, Stylefiesta.com jewellery, Prada sunglasses
Featuring : StuffCool Phone Covers

Being connected to my phone is vital to my job because I need to be constantly checking my emails, filling in my calendar, indulging in blogger photos, removing my frustration with Bombay traffic on Twitter and ofcourse, keep you updated with my daily outfit choices on Instagram. 
So when I discovered StuffCool, an online store dedicated to accessories for mobiles, pertaining to the wide world of protective and fashionable accessories for your iPhone/Smartphone right from Cases to Car Chargers to Selfie Sticks, I knew I had hit gold to make the permanent accessory in my life look pretty fabulous.

I picked the Case-Mate Karat Case for my iPhone 6S (also available for 6 & 6 Plus) and literally squealed when it arrived at my doorstep (StuffCool is the official distributor for Case-Mate in India). It came with a protective bumper grip and is dual layered to provided maximum protection. But that wasn't the reason for my squeal. There were rose gold flakes scattered perfectly al over the cover, and that too, genuine Rose Gold foil highlights. The translucent finish acted as double brownie points because this way I could show off the original rose gold color of my phone as well! Served all my purposes instantly - enough protection for the overuse, given my profession and super stylish to look at. 


Workaholics Anonymous

Makeup & Hair Courtesy : Bianca B
What I'm Wearing : Topshop jacket, Zara trousers, H&M shirt, Salvatore Ferragamo bag, Melorra jewellery

I've been a workaholic for as long as I can remember but in the last few months, its been more hectic than ever. From aggressive sales strategies for the last financial quarter at Style Fiesta, scavenging opportunities for Fashion Jobs India, meeting content deadlines for my blog to planning a pinterest-inspired wedding. The question inevitable arises - how do you dress for a day that might just throw anything at you? It could require shuffling between corporate meetings, sitting on expansion strategies or brainstorming coffee session with a wedding planner.

My personal style has always been casual and chic. So I tend to carry an extra blazer in my car that I can throw on to my outfit if an unexpected meeting conjures up.
But with my accessories, its always been rather taxing to change pieces everyday. While I do love my share of junk jewellery, my family-business background of diamonds does draw me towards my need for fine jewellery that is not of the ubiquitous traditional kind but genuinely trend-driven and stylish. Pieces that I don't need to keep changing and fall in seamlessly between the casual and formal elements of my hustle-bustle day.
My struggle was easily resolved when I come across Melorra. I hopped onto their iOS app (also available for Android) and was immediately drawn to their Stylefeed feature. It seemed like a a style-guidance where Melorra jewellery was showcased with an editorial outlook, styled on outfits that could be worn to 3 occassions : Work, Party & Casual. Here was a collection of real jewellery, inspired by global fashion trends that I could invest in and yet, brought in a pinch of sophistication. Plus, their guidance made me feel like I was shopping from a magazine. Definitely looked like the answer to everyday accessorizing for any working woman like me. 

In this look, I've styled pieces from the 'Casual' stylefeed and smoothly synced them into my last-minute formal attire with the White Collar ring, Oak Leaf ring, Oak Leaf bracelet, Oak Leaf earrings, & Stylized Flora necklace. You can download the Melorra app on iOS and Android platforms here, along with taking a look at their website. 


Chloé Girl, HEY FAYE!

What I'm Wearing : Topshop trousers, Boohoo crop top, Zara coat, Prada sunglasses, Style Fiesta jewellery & Chloé Faye bag from Le Mill

Been a Chloé Girl for as long as I remember & was just so thrilled when Le Mill decided to bring it to India :)

I don't intentionally invest in signature styles when it comes to luxury bags, because I'm not one for loud logos or donning an accessory that 80% of my international Instagram following list already owns. The Faye's iconic style has definitely been a major icon on my Pinterest feed, but one thats been scattered in very understated yet regular intervals. It isn't a bag that has been digitally over-used, keeping up the excitement and challenge of styling it. The bag has a strong refined feminity and I decided to exaggerate the same by creating the look of a modern woman. Powerful yet adaptable. The Faye undoubtedly, also knows how to have fun, with its 70’s free spirit pierced with cool hardware, so I threw in the sorbet hued frill crop top to keep the outfit from leaning overly towards formal.

My love for bags, especially ones that come in a deep chocolate-brownish hue on a quilted landscape, is no secret from you all. I was completely taken in with the amalgamation of the sumptuous leather and the bold ring hardware with the minimal chain detail. Its 100% versatility with carrying it as a clutch or on your shoulder only grew my fondness towards it.

The Chloé Faye comes in total-black, brown and orange, and pattern python combined with beige or black calfskin and is exclusively available at Le Mill in Mumbai.