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Featuring : StuffCool Phone Covers

Being connected to my phone is vital to my job because I need to be constantly checking my emails, filling in my calendar, indulging in blogger photos, removing my frustration with Bombay traffic on Twitter and ofcourse, keep you updated with my daily outfit choices on Instagram. 
So when I discovered StuffCool, an online store dedicated to accessories for mobiles, pertaining to the wide world of protective and fashionable accessories for your iPhone/Smartphone right from Cases to Car Chargers to Selfie Sticks, I knew I had hit gold to make the permanent accessory in my life look pretty fabulous.

I picked the Case-Mate Karat Case for my iPhone 6S (also available for 6 & 6 Plus) and literally squealed when it arrived at my doorstep (StuffCool is the official distributor for Case-Mate in India). It came with a protective bumper grip and is dual layered to provided maximum protection. But that wasn't the reason for my squeal. There were rose gold flakes scattered perfectly al over the cover, and that too, genuine Rose Gold foil highlights. The translucent finish acted as double brownie points because this way I could show off the original rose gold color of my phone as well! Served all my purposes instantly - enough protection for the overuse, given my profession and super stylish to look at. 


  1. woww.. awesum iphone cover .. will give FIVE STARS

  2. Beautiful Pictures.



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