Photos by Tinkesh A Photography

What I'm Wearing :
GAS Jumpsuit, Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag, Steve Madden Shoes, Rolex Watch, Style Fiesta Bracelets, Prada Sunglasses

I spotted this absolutely beautiful Cerulean blue jumpsuit at The Apartment at Lakme Fashion Week and decided it was bang in the direction of what I had in mind for one of my changes at Day 2. I've never worn this shade of blue in my entire life and its just so beautiful a color to not have discovered yet! Comfort, of-course, is of utmost priority at fashion week and what could be better than a versatile one-piece like this that was airy in all the right places? And the fact that it totally appeals to my lazy girl spirit. On stressful days like these where you have deadlines to meet, posts to upload and shows to cover - you're done with your outfit in a fraction of a second and all thats left to focus on is your accessories! Ta-da! My Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag in a complementing shade of blue fit in my dozen essentials for the hectic day and perfectly into the vibe. Super statement caged heels completed the look (but only for this shoot). For the rest of the day you might have spotted me strolling in espradilles. 

The elongated torso was slightly tricky when I first looked at it, but I took the plunge and shrugged off that tiny tinge of doubt by the time the first street-style photographer of that day came up to me. 

I've been so excited to share this look with you since the moment I wore it but I just haven't found the time amidst all the craziness. So finally :) Hope you liked it!


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