What I'm Wearing: Pepe Jeans customized denim jacket, Zara top and skirt, H&M shoes, Stylefiesta.com sunglasses and Melorra jewellery

Just stocked up on those baby blue jeans, distressed jacket and studded vest in ode to the raging denim trend? Me too. But now it feels too hot to wiggle into those skinny's and you're left with watching #DenimTrend OOTD's on one of your mindless scrolling trips? Totally feel you. 

Worry not. I've found you the most gorgeous route to embracing the biggest trend of this season and looking unique while you're at it. 10 points for donning a trend in the way Pinterest hasn't 10,000 times already, too. And it doesn't involve leaving your thighs with too-tight-to-sit imprints.

I'm talking about Denim Jewellery. Melorra (remember them from here?) just launched this kickass collection on their newly launched e-commerce site, set in sync with this 'trending' theme. Each piece has a touch of blue in the form of exotic blue sapphires, iolites, and other precious stones paired with 
diamonds, yellow gold and white gold in different finishes, capturing the essence of denim fabric, color and textures impeccably. The pieces are cool in a progressive way and make me feel like I'm on top of your style game in more ways than one.

For the look above I chose a dainty layered necklace and stacked up on two bracelets to go with the ring. Nevertheless, the denim-inspired hoops definitely reigned this look for me. Dished out my newly personalised jacket that promises to add an edge to even the prettiest of white skirts to emphasise on the trend in play.

Check out more of their collection here :)


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  4. Love your style.... great work! :)


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