Since choosing EYEGLASSES by your face shape is so old-school, here's how you gotta do it!

Photos by Tinkesh A Photography

 This is a rather visually appealing blog compared to the others but I just had to show you the different ways you could style RBee's gorgeous range of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

I'm sure you've read tons of ways to pick eyeglasses for your face shape but how about picking eyeglasses according to your personal fashion quotient & lifestyle? I'm going to be breaking down the three eyeglasses I wore into three separate style sensibilities. Pick the one you fit into and you've got yourself your eyeglass shape.

Working Women x Sophisticated, Intellectual Style
If any of the above characteristics ring a bell with your personal temperaments, the first style I'm wearing, the rimless frame, is your perfect fit. Effortless dressers, and/or those who transition outfits easily, are more or less inclined towards more formal ensembles, should mindlessly opt for this style of eyeglasses. Easy, yet endlessly classy.

College Go-ers x Experimental, Casual Style
This red frame has an absolute boost of youthful energy in it and thats precisely the kind of mannequin it deserves to have. Go for a frame thats infused with bright colors if you're a student and love experimenting with your daily outfits! These could work like magic on a monochrome outfit as well as a vivid, solid colored dress.

Artists, Creators x Trendy, Jet-Setter Style
My absolute favorite for all the above - thick-rimmed black frames! Can't deny that its been trending for quite some time now and is far from being new on the style circuit but I still love its confident, dynamic vibe. I would imagine someone with a strong opinion, who knows their politics from their fashion week updates (or atleast pretends to) to be strutting around in these in an outfit that could very well go from skinny jeans and a crop top to the perfectly layered cape and skirt set.

If you're like me, and find yourself being an amalgamation of all of the above, a mixed-breed of sorts, ditch the investment attitude and bag all three. A new eyeglass for every mood ;) 

Also featured some of my favorite sunglass styles from RBee's collection. You can check out more of their designs here, and follow them on Facebook & Instagram!


  1. Love the first outfit, so gorgeous!!!

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  2. Gorgeous! Love all the colors..!

  3. Wow! That was great! I would like best dissertation writing service to change something in my style too. You know, I have some really old clothes.


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