5 Things You Just Can't Miss At The Le Mill Sale

Featuring - Isabel Marant top, Dries Van Noten skirt, Valentino Rockstud Sandals,
Valentino Orange Rockstud Navajo Shoulder Bag, Stella Mcartney Mini Falabella Envelope Crossbody Bag, Isabel Marant Sandals

Unfortunately (or fortunately for my monthly statements), luxury ain't so accessible in India. Le Mill in Mumbai, with their impeccable taste in big white windows, gilded racks and choicy Isabel Marant jackets, is one of the only reigning members in this unsaturated market, almost making you feel like you're flipping through a Coveteur article in reality. 

Their End Of Season Sale starts today at their Colaba store and I went by to pick out my favorite pieces to share with you. Le Mill is known for curating downright tasteful collections so expect to meet unique, distinctive clothes and accessories with an absolutely rare item that you won't take immediate liking to. The store stocks some of my favorite luxury designers and brands so it comes as no surprise when I say I had the hardest time picking only 5. But what excited me most was that with some designers (like Valentino) they had classic colors on an amazing discount, which almost never happens any where else in the world!

Stella Mcartney Mini Falabella Envelope Crossbody Bag
When I'm buying a bag that I could wear in the day as a cross body and at night as a clutch, here's what I do. I divide the price into two, and just pretend like I've got two bags. Zero guilt, maximum utility :)
But seriously guys - I love/loved this bag. Especially the insanely versatile print.

Valentino Rockstud Sandals
Strappy is everything right now on the shoe circuit. And when you pair that with the wildly infamous rockstuds that will make any Pinterest-addict(AKA any female between 18-28) go weak in the knees, we've got ourselves a winner. Now let's add a 50% off to that combination and see how much better it can get. 

Dries Van Noten Skirt
I'd say if you're spending your hard earned moolah on designer clothing, at the very essential level, make sure it's a statement piece. Let it be one that makes a room turn around and compell atleast two heads to render the much awaited 'I love your skirt! Where's it from?'. The lilac and tulle combination is simply breathtaking to say the least. 

Valentino Orange Rockstud Navajo Shoulder Bag
The structure of this Valentino bag reigns my most favorite bag shapes. The adjustable chain strap that can be used singularly or double depending on the occasion makes for a striking feature ideal for transitioning between looks. With my obsession with owning bags that do more than just being an 'IT Bag', I took an immediate liking to the orange ombré striped aesthetic this bag holds.

Isabel Marant Sandals
Standing in a deep mix of burgundy and maroon, I spotted these sandals the moment I stepped into the Le Mill store. They were beautifully placed under a mannequin and I fell in love with it. The ankle strap, the gorgeous buckle, the intricate loops and the absolutely perfect length of heel.

Rush to Le Mill store in Colaba or call +91 22 22041926 to shop these products.


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