Found Myself A Cozy Companion

Photos Courtesy: Tinkesh A Photography
What I'm Wearing: Miss Selfridge dress, Stylefiesta.com accessories

Times are seriously, shockingly changing. I'm going to be sharing a room with a boy!!! Wasn't it just yesterday that I wanted pink walls, peony prints and a Victorian dresser? Who am I kidding, I still do. But thanks to this incredible feeling called love, where you're bound to care about another persons likes, interests and color preferences (unbelievable), I decided to opt for a more 'neutral' room during this phase of life's redecoration process. Clean walls, white-washed furniture, wooden cupboards, a low bed, fresh plants and quirky accessories.

I was adamant on a cozy seating in my room because I tend to work from home a lot and well the bed...how do I put this? The bed, somehow always draws me into taking a quick nap :)

I found Lyon on Urban Ladder during one of my million mindless internet browsing trips and instantly took to the French curves and lush creamy-white feel. Heck, I loved it! 
But the real obstacle didn't lie in it's good looks. Here, was a sofa who's looks and aesthetic matched perfectly with my taste, and measurements that fit accurately with my stats, but would it adhere to the same in reality?
With Urban Ladder's no questions asked refund policy, I didn't need to dwell on this too much. I took the plunge and after an order-confirmation call, a pre-delivery intimation call and the arrival of an army of delivery boys to unpack and assemble my order, my beautiful sofa had arrived! 

As you can see from my photos above, kinda fell in love with it almost immediately. The distressed light wood allowed me to keep the sofa in focus and play around with different accents and textures around it. It's super comfy, the mango wood is light enough to re-model as and when I like and the bedding sinks in just perfectly.


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