Swiping my way to style: World's 5 best designer boutiques to shop at!

You know the saying. Give a girl a card, and she'll only stop when she buys out the world. But the truth is, I love how style and fashion is evolving around the world. The best boutiques are no longer just designer labels and snooty shopping assistants. Now they're vibrant places for design, events, clothes and showmanship. And of course, they all look fabulous. So here's my list of 5 absolute must-see stylish places that'll knock your socks off.

Imagine having 10,000 sqft of space, a towering love for fashion and the arts and the ability to create a destination that would forever be not only observed in awe, but even made tangible with the unmatched delight of a shopper. Just wondering about the sheer genius of these masterminds makes me want to swoon all over this blogpost. Definitely puts shame to my comfy-couch-shopping habits.

Prepare yourself for some serious wanderlust and the insane urge to book a flight and take a trip to one of these inspiration-packed havens.

1. LN-CC, Late Night Chameleon Café, London

Image credit : Google images
Since frantic table reservation calls at your favourite uptown Jap restaurant are so 2011, you've now got to reserve an appointment at this extra-ordinary London boutique to deserve a fuss free walk-in. With its unique speak-easy concept - located below a drab office block and opening of an ordinary door, expect to be taken aback by their record store, off-the-chart book collection and in-house disco. Let's not spend too many thoughts on the guest-list for this genre of a Saturday night. Unmissable, though, is the part treehouse, part-spacecraft interiors and avant-garde designer merchandise segregated into themed zones by Creative Director John Skelton. Expect exclusive, designer garments in the price bracket of Harvey Nichols and hand-picked accessories that provide an experience of an exhibition rather than a store. 

2. Story, New York 

Image credit : Google images
No surprises here - coolest city in theworld houses easily one of the coolest stores in the world. 

Revolutionising the way we look at a retail store, Story in New York changes shelves and merchandise with the same scope of change between one month's magazine issue to the next. There’s jewellery for the collectors, glittered Tom’s shoes and cute gifts to go with. Think of this is as a new fashion experience every week. New products, new designers!

What's most impressive (in the midst of so many impressions) is what Donald Robertson, one of Story's collaborations they happened to base an issue on, had to say about them. “She’ll literally take your book that you’re launching, your simple book, and within seconds, there is a massive product line sitting behind it in her store. It’s unbelievable.” Every four weeks when you happen to walk into the store, you'll be presented with a re-invented look, display and product offering. 

3. Collette, Paris 

Image credit : Google images
The first ever designer boutique in the world to 'curate' merchandise before stocking it, Colette has created an untouchable niche for itself ever since its inception. With an artistic combination of fashion, design, art, food, Colette creators Colette Roussaux and Sarah Lerfel aim at achieving a theory that keep them and their store constantly advancing. The store regularly hosts art and photography exhibitions as well as product launches from leading brands in the world. Coolest of all - the basement is the ‘Water Bar’ offering a cafe menu along with a variety of branded waters from all over the world with a bottle going as high as 50 euros! 

4. Corso Como, Milan 

Image credit : meltingbutter.com
I'm heading to Milan this summer and I CANNOT wait to step into this exceptional concept store. Corso Como is located inside the inner courtyard of a traditional Milanese Pallazo but it’s amazing roots lie in an old garage that has now been converted into a multifunctional area where strangers, shoppers and tourists are encouraged to meet and exchange culture, ideas and experiences. 

Corso Como is known for its impressible selection of high-fashion and kitty of insane in-house collaborations like Coca Cola, Alessi, Comme des Garçons, Lomographica, Paul Smith, Swatch and Zippo, designing products as varied as dominos, umbrellas, handbags, suitcases, packaging and apparel. 

5. LNFA Berlin 

Image credit : Google images
The funky Bikini Berlin district hosts LNFA, Live Networking for Fashion & Art, a never seen before amalgamation of a fashion-forward PR agency and concept store. To punch in the PR element into an ordinary designer-in-shop model, SevilUguz of LNFA provides a platform to upcoming designers by not only displaying their merchandise but also hosting custom-tailored events and pop-ups that ensure an unparalleled approach. 

Uguz claims her ideal consumer to be someone who has an array of diversity in her wardrobe and is on the lookout for owning designer talent before its commercialized. 

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So, load up, and swipe your way across the world in style.


Blending In With Garnier

Covered by Team SF

The Garnier Ultra Blends event was held on the 17th of last month in the ever so fabulous Asilo Bar at the St. Regis Hotel overlooking my breathtaking city. Unfortunately I was (still am) out of the country on work and holiday but I was given minute by minute details so I could share this exciting launch with you.

When we entered we were greeted with pretty flower crowns to compliment the natural theme of the event. We could also see the products laid out in the most unique way where they were placed with the actual ingredients from each variant. After giving us a presentation on the product and showing us the adverts, we were then guided to the palladium ground. There were full blown cut outs of the products with tons of them placed all around the ground.

There's always something about these nature-inspired products that make me feel like the brand is genuinely going through great pains to protect my mane from even more damage than it's already exposed to in an organic, rather than chemical way. Last month Garnier launched their Ultra Blends Shampoo and Conditioner range . The range is all about blending ingredients that when mixed together works magic on your hair. It makes your hair look so beautiful naturally and also helps you in dealing with any hair problems you might be dealing with. 

They have got 5 paraben-free variants in this range which is packaged in their iconic shape bottle that could let you spot a Garnier product from miles away.

Mythic Olive: This variant consists Olives which are known to provide nourishment while restoring your hair. It works for best for hair that is dry and undernourished.

Royal Jelly & Lavender: This one consists Royal Jelly & Lavender which rebuilds your breaking hair and also deals with hair fall.

Soy Milk & Almonds: Almonds have been the answer whenever a question regarding damaged hair arises. And we all know Soy Milk is one of the best sources of protein. This variant helps in injecting protein back to your dull and damaged hair.

5 Precious Herbs: We've all had those remedies where we put different herbs together to get the most benefit. This would help your scalp in getting its health back while revitalizing your lifeless hair. 

Henna & Blackberry: It's all about providing shine with this variant. Blackberry is known to provide that glow and Henna is the key to all our hair related problems since generations. 

These products have already hit the stores so don't forget to get your hands on it! Have you tried a variant yet? Which one made it to your favourites?

Catch tons of more updates on Garnier's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Pink Palettes

What I'm Wearing - Vasansi Jaipur pink anarkali, Topshop shoes, Stylefiesta.com sunglasses

With my wedding just around the corner (or so you can say), shopping for Indian clothes has become a part of my daily hygiene. I know pretty much every designer's habitual trends and spotting a label while someone walks pass me at a wedding is no biggie. Hence, naturally, one of the most important factors I consider while shopping for this segment under my wardrobe, is uniqueness and dissimilarity. To cater to these needs, I've discovered that shopping from individual boutique stores in other cities work as a charm. In-house designs promise singularity and with the mix of different cultures, you're exposed to tons of authentic, yet fun outfits. Vasansi Jaipur, with stores in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Indore, did wonders for me on some of my outfits and I'm going to be showing you all of them, starting now!

Pink is not an obvious choice for me when it comes to traditional wear but I just couldn't resist with this one. I especially loved the collar and the hint of can-can perfect for a little flounce. This anarkali was handcrafted out of organic raw silk which gave an impeccable finish to the outfit.

See how I styled my outfit and take a look at more of their collection here.