Fashion Meets Technology #MissSFatLFW

Remember my new work handset, Lyf, that I spoke about here? Well, it turned out to be the absolute loyal-est of companions at Fashion Week with it's insane battery life, fab camera and most of all - lightening upload speed (thanks to the JIO sim).

Backstage Fun & Decoding Hair Trends at Day 5 of Lakme Fashion Week, 2016

Day 5 of Lakme Fashion Week W/F'16 had some of my favorite intermediate designers and being backstage while the models rehearsed and designers skewed details on them was as usual, a stirring experience. Designs and experimentive impressions I blindly trust when it comes to lighter silhouttes for friends and cousins weddings are a pleasant treat to sit back and pick out from my seat but looking at them upclose, as one of the first ones to view months of hard work turn into elaborate attires is a whole other affair. An essential accessory to these outfits are the hairstyles that govern the mood of the entire collection, and it was super exciting to watch them being planned and executed from the first step to the last as TIGI Bedhead's official blogger for the day.
The hair trend for the show I was covering - Anushree Reddy, Moh By Jade & SVA By Sonam & Paras Modi was a sleek low pony with an exaggerated, wavy side parting. Just perfect for the 'I'm here to have a good time' vibe the collections enacted.
The most exciting part was when the TIGI Bedhead team re-created and decoded the runway hair trend on my hair in under 10 minutes. I recorded the entire process through a time lapse which you could view on my Instagram here! Here's the step-by-step DIY for you to bring this runway look home too:

Step 1: Prep the hair with TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day. Work in the product by blast drying
Step 2: Part your hair to a preferred side and leave a section from the front loose. Secure the rest of the hair into a ponytail with the help of a bob pin.
Step 3: Spray TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray on the front section and tong the hair towards the face to create S-Waves
Step 4: Spray TIGI Bed Head Headrush Hairspray on the tonged section for shine. Take a bristle brush and brush the front section. Pull it to the back taking the loose ends around the ponytail.
Step 5: Create an ‘S’ like figure with the front remaining section and pull it back, dressing the ponytail.
Step 6: Finish the look by spraying TIGI Bed Head Headrush Hairspray

Psst..literally took the stylist 10 minutes to replicate this look on my hair.

Here are some of the photos from backstage and the show!

What I'm Wearing: SVA Peplum, Maliha dhoti, Bao Bao by Issey Miyake clutch, Valentino shoes, Vintage necklace


Reliance #TheNewTrends at LFW 2016

What I'm Wearing: Fig by Reliance Trends crop and trousers, & Other Stories bag, Valentino shoes

All dressed up in Reliance Trends for their show on Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week! Here's my look alongwith some of my favorite outfits from the show.

Reliance Trends introduced their re-branding as 'Trends' at the show and this newness was reverberated throughout their energy, styling and new Autumn/Winter collection. Partnering with maestro Rajesh Pratap Singh, 

More Speed. More Style. LYF Wind 3 Review!

What I'm Wearing: Topshop bodycon turtleneck, New Look cape, Bershka jeans, Kenzo bag, Chanel shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses, vintage watch and Stylefiesta.com bracelets

Finally made that inescapable, crucial call of dividing my life into two phones and oh boy, was it a difficult decision. Finding the perfect handset although, was a whole other story.

After tons of research and taking into consideration all my whims and fancies, I finally decided to go with Reliance's recently launched handset 'Lyf Wind 3'. The first, most striking feature was the JIO sim that comes with the handset with unmatchable 4G speed. Naturally MUCH needed in our country, especially for a job profile that requires uploading content almost hourly, using multiple apps and downloading images. The offer of getting the JIO sim alongwith the phone can be activated within few hours of receiving the device - you will be getting 90 days of unlimited data, unlimited HD VoLTE voice calls and unlimited texts. 
My second favorite feature is undoubtedly the 8 MP camera sensor on the rear with LED flash, ability to record 1080p videos and a 2-megapixel selfie camera. Hello OOTD's that can now go up on the blog and not just on Instagram!

This phone also comes with some interesting new apps that I haven't heard of before. There's Jio Play which provides instant access to TV programmes, more than 300 channels which include more than 30 High Definition channels. Backed with a 2920 mAh Li-Po battery on the back of the device that can provide HD Video Playback of up to 5 hours and audio playback up to 19 hours, this turns out to be some insane recreation for travel time. Combined with Jio On Demand, an app to stream your favourite movies and TV shows in HD seamlessly across devices with no ads and no buffering, thats a pretty fab entertainment package.

The phone is lightweight, and has a sturdy grip. Its matte black finish and curvy edges make it a sophisticated style accessory to go with any ensemble. I styled it with my current favorite white ripped jeans and casual layers, a look I wore to an event recently, and happened to make full use of my brand new handset by live-streaming all the activities to my readers!



Today we're talking about Wella's new styling range, EIMI, and before we begin I've got to say - from the time I received these samples to the time I actually managed to squeeze in time to shoot with them - they were only half full.

Whether I wanted want wild texture, dazzling shine, a volume boost or a smooth and sleek finish, between these 3 products I could pretty much pick and choose to customize a style that would suit me. The EIMI collection comprises of 31 styling tools that focus on specific hair needs, as compared to a generic approach. 

I, for one, am a sucker for volume. So the Dry Me dry shampoo and Root Shoot were the natural go-to products for me from this range. I've tried tons of dry shampoos to beat my 'oily hair in 24 hours' condition but Dry Me is most definitely reigning on my list. Ever since I received it, I've used it almost thrice a week, and every single time, it's delivered fresh, matte hair with incredible volume.
I dive into my Root Shoot bottle on days that my hair needs an extra boost. I toss my hair upside down and spray onto my roots for a guaranteed high-precision root lift.
For days that my look calls for a more elegant, formal hairstyle, I turn to Perfect Me, a super delicate lotion that moistures my hair and perfects it enough to even tame fly-aways so I can achieve the precise look I'm going for. 

EIMI is available in all Wella Professional salons. Simply ask your Wella Professional stylist for more information.

Can't wait to use these at Fashion week! #SpeakStyleSpeakEIMI



What I'm Wearing: Vasansi Jaipur lehenga

Its begun. That crazy rollercoaster ride of planning your wedding, fighting emotions of bidding goodbye to routines of 24 years and stepping into a new life with the love of your life, and making sure you have fun while you're at it. I'm jotting down the 10 commandments I'm promising myself to abide by to ensure I worry less and dance more.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to direct your pre-wedding life. Embrace your strenghts, and remember, every bride is different from the other :)

1. I will allow my family and friends to deal with the stresses while I bask in the joys of this never-returning phase of life and not be overly involved in the intricate details of the wedding

2. I will make sure my makeup artist and I are on the same wavelength and she understands my skin beforehand with the help of a trial. AKA, I will not aim to look like a different person on my big day

3. I will not crash diet 3 weeks before the wedding. Or stuff my face with ladoos because my mum thinks I'm looking too frail for her eyes. I will accept my body for the way it is and own them curves or the lack of them, whichever the process of planning the big day leaves me with

4. I will not laden myself with jewels and crystals and swarovski and gemstones and transform myself into a walking-talking disco ball on my big day. Subtlety is the key

5. I will not go on a face-mask binge 5 days before the wedding but prep and prime my skin with all the nutrients and pampering it needs from 4 months before

6. I will search high and low to find the perfect partners for my feet that look fabulous, and treat them well too, but will absolutely not settle for ugly aunty wedding shoes

7. I will remember to leave all the 'Zilla' from my 'Bride' the second I walk into my first function because from then on it's time to leave it to destiny and just revel in the moment

8.  I will remember, that my wedding needs to be beautiful, not perfect. There's no fixed definition of a perfect wedding but it'll be beautiful when me, my groom-to-be, and our guests have fond memories we'll carry with us forever

9. I will not remove any wedding frustration on the people closest to me, who I'm sure will do everything in their capacity to make my big day as precious as it could be for me

10. I will constantly remind myself the real reason for my 'marriage'. The man I'm marrying.

Now coming to this breathtaking outfit that ignited the bride spark in me and compelled me to dive into the festive mood and write this article. Vasansi Jaipur is a gigantic store in Jaipur that boasts of having a reputation of being host to some of the most gorgeous ethnic outfits in the country under one roof. I picked this lehenga from their sea of bridal attires in ode to its stunning color palette. The mint dupatta perfectly accentuated the striking cobal oversized motifs and surprise was - the outfit was light enough for me to even successfully pull of my 'runaway bride' shot in :)