Reliance #TheNewTrends at LFW 2016

What I'm Wearing: Fig by Reliance Trends crop and trousers, & Other Stories bag, Valentino shoes

All dressed up in Reliance Trends for their show on Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week! Here's my look alongwith some of my favorite outfits from the show.

Reliance Trends introduced their re-branding as 'Trends' at the show and this newness was reverberated throughout their energy, styling and new Autumn/Winter collection. Partnering with maestro Rajesh Pratap Singh, 


  1. the new A/W 16 colourtrends look just amazing ...these great neutral shades with a pop of airy blue and a few vibrant extracts have really made a great start to some amazing fashion trend this season
    these pictures are truly amazing....


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  3. The last one spotted is I guess Jacqueline. She looks really fabulous... I am in Love now... :)

  4. I liked the first one as its my types.. Completely different color combination of top and bottom.. The style is really evergreen..

    Thanks for posting the pictures.. They are really a treat to the eyes..


    Anarkali Khan

  5. Nice coverage of the show. Great work :)

  6. This post has many new designs and showcases cool trends.

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