Diwali Glam. Part Deux

What I'm Wearing - Ritika Mirchandani lehenga, Jewellery from Tanishq's Shubham collection

I've been swamped with work lately and I'm literally counting days till my Diwali break. I'm off to Calcutta with ze mother & bhabhi, (both rulers of my heart and life) for some delectable wedding shopping. Or so I hope. I've been told not to raise my hopes too high about the collections there but a girl deserves to dream..right? As soon as I'm back, the following week is swaddled with dinners, Diwali parties and a whole lotta gambling.

Our Hindu New Year, 1st November, also happens to be my personal deadline for confirming all my wedding outfits and as of today, I think I might be in a pretty content position. Nervous times await. Crossing my fingers and praying to the wedding Gods I make the right choices ;)

It's time to create Diwali memories, for the very last time as a Minawala :)


A Diwali Like No Other

What I'm Wearing - Ritika Mirchandani lehenga, Jewellery from Tanishq's Shubham collection

My last Diwali at home! Just that tiny thought drags me down memory lane of my family's most auspicious, most treasured festival. Thankfully, I've got all the exciting Diwali shopping to deal with just around the corner to distract me from the lump in my throat. In ode to all the sparkling new outfits my dad bought me every year on Dhanteras and all the ladoos I stuffed in my mouth right after, I decided to really dress up this year with everything I had. 
There's been a lifelong tradition in my family to buy new jewellery on the day/before Diwali and I knew well in advance that this year it had to be from Tanishq's new Shubham collection. I'm extremely fussy when it comes to jewellery and one element that I'm always looking for, is, culture. When I heard of the Shubham collection being derived from the magnificence of Indian temples with heirloom pieces, it hit just the right cord. The collection comprised of earring and necklace sets in a perfectly matte gold, each glorifying the beauty and splendour of temple architecture. Take one of my favorites for example - the elephant motif necklace set that has been inspired from the panels of the Hazara Rama temple at Hampi. Makes me feel like I'm walking around wearing an element of history. At a stage in my life that I would do anything to just hold onto my history. Well...

After trying on a few combinations, I finally decided to go with a heavier choker from Tanishq's array. I admired the way it smoothly sat on my neck and it felt almost natural to effortlessly transition it into an option for one of my wedding functions as well. More designs for you to see on Tanishq.co.in!

It's time to create Diwali memories, for the very last time as a Minawala :) #TanishqWaliDiwali


Modern Ethnicity

What I'm Wearing - Kurta & Pallazo from Max Fashions, thrifted bangles, Silver clutch from Delhi street shopping

What does a modern, working-woman look for in today's day and age in her ethnic wardrobe? Elegance, agility, and the perfect balance of contemporary with traditional. Luckily, I found all of the above at Max's festive collection. I've been repeatedly telling my mum how I prefer stocking up on lighter outfits for my trousseau to enable myself to transition or dramatize more easily, and this ensemble hit just the right chord to that thought.

Here's an outfit from their latest collection that I picked out for the upcoming festive season, all the puja's it'll bring along with it, and ofcourse, the unmissable dearth of weddings right after it. For my shoot I decide to take the bohemian route with a statement silver hardware bag and rustic jewellery. I mix and matched the pallazos and kurta from their rows and rows of choices (keeping in mind existing outfits of mine too) to suit my aesthetic. There were tons of options drawing inspiration from phulkari embroideries, decorative brocades to dramatic baroques and heirloom. I plan on wearing it again with a color blocked dupatta or even a short vest! How would you style it? Tell me the comments below :)


Fluid Is You

Video by PopoKoko Productions :)
Featuring outfits made with LIVA

Current life situation. Daughter, fiance, entrepreneur and blogger. All actively consuming roles - in no order of preference whatsoever. My life in the last 8 months has been a rollercoaster - exciting, exhilarating and making me slightly motion-sick. But one thing that this phase of life has taught me - is to adapt. To be fluid in nature, to embrace new life-altering changes with grace and most importantly - to smile through it.

Co-incidentally, Liva entered my life in precisely this ongoing phase and I couldn't help but make the comparison. This video, more than anything, was in a fabirc that perfectly elaborates my position right now. An eco-friendly, naturally created fabric, that's so fluid, it adapts to practically any and every body type that it's rested on. Liva, in all it's 'fluidity' an 'adaptability' was the perfect companion to break lose in.

I used this excuse not only to introduce you to a pretty incredible invention in our fashion industry but also to unwind from my current rollercoaster and just DANCE! When you've got fabric on that moves with your every move, what could ever stop you?