A Diwali Like No Other

What I'm Wearing - Ritika Mirchandani lehenga, Jewellery from Tanishq's Shubham collection

My last Diwali at home! Just that tiny thought drags me down memory lane of my family's most auspicious, most treasured festival. Thankfully, I've got all the exciting Diwali shopping to deal with just around the corner to distract me from the lump in my throat. In ode to all the sparkling new outfits my dad bought me every year on Dhanteras and all the ladoos I stuffed in my mouth right after, I decided to really dress up this year with everything I had. 
There's been a lifelong tradition in my family to buy new jewellery on the day/before Diwali and I knew well in advance that this year it had to be from Tanishq's new Shubham collection. I'm extremely fussy when it comes to jewellery and one element that I'm always looking for, is, culture. When I heard of the Shubham collection being derived from the magnificence of Indian temples with heirloom pieces, it hit just the right cord. The collection comprised of earring and necklace sets in a perfectly matte gold, each glorifying the beauty and splendour of temple architecture. Take one of my favorites for example - the elephant motif necklace set that has been inspired from the panels of the Hazara Rama temple at Hampi. Makes me feel like I'm walking around wearing an element of history. At a stage in my life that I would do anything to just hold onto my history. Well...

After trying on a few combinations, I finally decided to go with a heavier choker from Tanishq's array. I admired the way it smoothly sat on my neck and it felt almost natural to effortlessly transition it into an option for one of my wedding functions as well. More designs for you to see on Tanishq.co.in!

It's time to create Diwali memories, for the very last time as a Minawala :) #TanishqWaliDiwali


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  2. adorable jewelry pieces!

  3. Wow! Without many words - stunnig! I love jewellery...all kinds of jewellery. I have a few really awesome pieces...a couple inherited and a couple that I bought. My last purchase was mangalsutra from https://gold24.in/products/mangalsutra website.


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