Fluid Is You

Video by PopoKoko Productions :)
Featuring outfits made with LIVA

Current life situation. Daughter, fiance, entrepreneur and blogger. All actively consuming roles - in no order of preference whatsoever. My life in the last 8 months has been a rollercoaster - exciting, exhilarating and making me slightly motion-sick. But one thing that this phase of life has taught me - is to adapt. To be fluid in nature, to embrace new life-altering changes with grace and most importantly - to smile through it.

Co-incidentally, Liva entered my life in precisely this ongoing phase and I couldn't help but make the comparison. This video, more than anything, was in a fabirc that perfectly elaborates my position right now. An eco-friendly, naturally created fabric, that's so fluid, it adapts to practically any and every body type that it's rested on. Liva, in all it's 'fluidity' an 'adaptability' was the perfect companion to break lose in.

I used this excuse not only to introduce you to a pretty incredible invention in our fashion industry but also to unwind from my current rollercoaster and just DANCE! When you've got fabric on that moves with your every move, what could ever stop you?


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