The Unconventional Indian Outfit

Tisha Saxena Draped Saree // New Look Shoes

For as far as my memory takes me, we Indians have held the good old 6 yard wonder (or 9 in some cases) close to our hearts and watched it, rather, experienced it, being reinvented as per the whims and fancies of the changing generations.
I remember haphazardly wrapping myself in my mum’s sarees as a child (or even an isolated dupatta if that had easier access), spending hours in isolation with a bulky mirror and my comical expressions. But as my little feet transitioned from comfortable jelly boots into gem-embellished stilletos and as ‘wrapping’ quickly transformed to ‘draping', I felt the urge to add my own touch of originality to this evergreen silhouette.

With so much being talked about the saree revival, I couldn't wait to add my own touch to Tisha Saksena's beautiful version of it. For a person whose job and world revolves around experimentation and innovation of fashion, this outfit spoke volumes to me in terms of its modernity, innovation and technique while not losing the touch of the Indian-ness of it all. The ensemble, to me, seems like an amalgamation of the modern saree, dhoti and choli reflecting perfectly well the signature style of Tisha Saksena’s sartorial work. But what stole my heart was the intricately crafted Zardozi work and the comfort of the silhouette in its entirety. I simply adored how the colours and cuts were experimented upon, befitting what we millennials desire in our avant-garde Indian avatar. 


2 Months To Go... #Shailoom

I'd like to remember how I feel today..forever. But maybe that's just me with every indescribably overwhelming moment. Maybe that explains my love for photographs? The need to hold onto a moment, a thought, so desperately?

I woke up up with an unusually tight embrace around my waist. My mumma had decided to give me the sweetest wake up call mankind had ever seen. Like every other groggy morning, my fingers fumbled to find the frosty screen of my phone. Two seconds of painfully bright light in my sleep drawn eyes later, ta-da, the date flashed before me. 5th December, 2016. 

Two months to go.

The first half of my day was uneventful, but, undeniably, unexplainably grumpy. Right from my favorite ashford marble to my faultlessly soaked almonds, they all seemed to be asking me one question. How long till you let us go?

Fast forward to 5pm. Outfit fittings for my absolutely delightful bohemian function. I walked out of the changing room (or should I say, regal suite?), rather perplexed, that a flouncy skirt with accurate measure of zardozi embroidery could make me feel this elated. A substantial amount of sashaying and strutting later - I just COULDN'T WAIT to experience what would be the most ecstatic week of my life.

8pm. My phone flashes with a new text. 'Baby, I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.'


7-Step Smokey Eye (Beginners)

Like the little black dress, a smokey eye is timelessly sexy, and yet, like pretty much everyone else, I never got around to doing it thanks to the amount of work it looked like. As part of my recent bridal experience with Estee Lauder, among all the other incredible elements and pampering, I also picked one trend to learn from Rani, the inhouse makeup artist. Could have been my upcoming wedding or simply the dozen other weddings I have to attend this month, but I instinctly picked the Smokey Eye.
While she did each step on my right eye, I replicated the same on my left eye to make sure I could go back home and re-create this stunning look.

 Conceal. Apply the slightest bit of concealer on your eye lids to prep them for the smokey eye. The concealer helps the color to seep in giving you a strong pigment, alongwith keeping the eyeshadow in place.

Take a kajal/eye pencil in black and start lining your lids starting from the end of the way and moving inwards. Line 1-2cm at a time and then immediately blend it with an eye shadow brush or smudger. Remember, you have to be quick to make sure to blend before the color sets in. Keep applying liner and blending until you finish the entire eye. 

Go over this step at least twice to get a smokey effect. 

Next up, take any warm toned eye shadow of your choice (I love Gold, Bronze & Burgundy) and start patting it on your upper lids in a tiny V motion - again start work from the outside. Key is to remember not to swipe, only tap/pat. Heaviest eye shadow should on the outer corner and lightest on the inner.

Take the same kajal/eye pencil again and apply it the same way as step 2.

Take some black eye shadow on an eye shadow brush and pat it over the black kajal ever so slightly. This step defines the 'smokey' element in the whole process.

Line your upper inner eyelid and waterline with kajal/eye pencil with intensity depending on how heavy you want the smokey eye to look. While you're lining your upper waterline make sure it's merging with your eye lids.

Final step! Repeated layers of mascara. Start from the outside in a 'wiggle and flick' motion