What I'm Wearing - Zara tops layered, Forever21 pants, Stylefiesta.com jewellery & sunglasses, Bobbi Brown beach bag
What Aayushi's Wearing - Bershka romper, Missamore trench, Zebba sandals, Claire's sunglasses, Forever21 & Pipabella bracelets

Doubtful I'd get too may disagreements here when I say I despise wearing makeup in the summer. Nevertheless, whether you're heading to a beach vacay or exasperated from running to and fro from meetings, we girls have got to look presentable, if not flawless.
Met up with my blogger bud Aayushi from Styledrive and spent the day at the beach for a long overdue catch up, couple of mimosa's, exchanging makeup routine's and debating over the best way to deal with this 'summer makeup' obstacle we had in front of us. Dishing out the steps and products we swear by to achieve a gorgeous summer glow with minimal makeup.

Aayushi's Take!

For the scorching summer months, I always prefer to have the least amount of makeup on during the day. A good skin care routine will pave the path to flawless looking skin so that you can get away with bare minimum makeup. Use a detoxing mask to clear those clogged pores or a nourishing one to plump up the skin or a exfoliating one to get of the dead skin. I frankly love multi masking and using different Masks on different parts of my face. Focus the detoxing mask on your t-zone, the nourishing one under eyes and around your mouth and the exfoliating one every where else.
For the make up, I would usually suggest applying a light weight foundation and setting it with the Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating powder which will set your make up and also add a natural sheen to the skin. I love how this light weight powder lasts all day and looks extremely natural on the skin. Apply it all over your face with a powder brush for a natural glow or on the high points of your face for that highlighted look.
Besides perfecting the base, a quick swipe of a waterproof mascara like the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara and a dab of colour on the lips using the Art stick is all you need to achieve that fresh, glowing-from-within-look.

My Take!

It's pretty much settled that walking out of our bedrooms without a moisturiser laden with spf is criminal in this sweltering weather. After my morning cleansing routine, I use Bobbi Brown's Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 all over my face. I swear by this product because it's a mega multi-tasker for me. It hydrates my skin, protects it from harsh heat and silently covers up any redness or discolouration I might have. 
I, for one, prefer to avoid eye makeup altogether because my eyes tend to get itchy with the excessive dust and humidity. Nobody likes leaking eyeliner. My #BeachGoals look is definitely one thats fuss-free and involves heaps of a sun-kissed glow. Hence, I dive into the Nude Finish Illuminating Powder - that's currently riding high up on my favorite products list. This season is stuffed with days that you want to laze at the beach or unwind by the pool on your holiday and you just can't be arsed with any makeup at all. Swipe on this powder and let everyone believe its your natural beach glow speaking from all that time spent riding the waves. I've tried it a couple of times on my bare skin, and it looks just as fine.
For my lips, I avoid brght shades but settle for a sheer lip color that I can slide on to finish my super-subtle 'no makeup' makeup look. Always a cherry on the top when its packed with natural butters and oils, and consequently, super moisturising.

Easy and achievable summer makeup in, like, three products. Who would have thought? 

Head over to Aayushi's blog to read more about our makeup routine's and to see more photos from our day at the beach :)



I took my Samsung Gear S2 out to test by styling it with 3 vastly different looks. Indo chic, casual chic street-style and Indian ethnic. You can't have missed the diversity in the mere description of these looks but to assure you that I did manage to make the watch look like a perfectly fitted insider, I've photographed the outfits to share with you too.

Lets begin with the first look - Indo Chic. Here I styled the watch with what I'd like to call my ideal summer attire. Cotton white kurta paired with loosely hung pallazos and a bright tassel necklace infused with silver hardware. I carried a fusion vest that I threw on whenever I needed to dress to impress and ofcourse, my Gear S2 added enough to oomph to convert this relaxed vibe into one that was more driven!

For the cheerful, flirty twin-set, my wearable tech fit in rather instantly! The playful trace of the ensemble was amped up with the watch and everything that the Gear S2 symbolizes. I finished the look with edgy gladiators, a set of layered rings and by matching my watch dial to the geometric pattern of the outfit. 

When it came to the last look and symbolising Indian ethnicity, I anticipated a hitch while being able to make the watch look like it belonged. I decided to experiment by choosing a contrasting color like this bright yellow and throwing in a tribal shell necklace. Very soon, I was owning my tradional-ity and pairing it with the epitome of modernity - my Gear S2 (as you can see) and loving every bit of it! 



Photos by Tinkesh A Photography

What I'm Wearing: Postfold.com tshirt, Zara jeans, Massimo Dutti bag, Only sneakers, Stylefiesta.com sunglasses

Summer days call for spontaneous getaways almost every weekend. I make it a point to escape smouldering city days and make the most of this weather in the only place it deserves to be dealt with - a relaxing, therapeutic dip in a pool. Good food and great company are forever a cherry on the cake.
I decided to assemble last weekends travel look amidst one of my usual online shopping sessions I spent discovering this little gem called Postfold. Synonymous with fast, versatile fashion. I took an immediate liking to this casual-chic polo and work my look around it. Can you blame me? I hadn't spotted a hint of a fab looking 'feminine' polo in almost years now. Yet - I was contemplating between that and this gorgeous lace top but finally went with the above because it looked super comfy(you bet it was) and synced picturesquely for the sea journey. I absolutely loved the fit since it wasn't overly snug but still lay pleasingly well in all the right places.
The next few months call for stocking up on laid-back, yet effortlessly stylish tops like these that are an absolute breeze to work a look around & I'm so glad I found myself a destination!