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How to use argan oil
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How to use argan oil: A step-by-step process

Argan oil has earned the moniker “liquid gold” for a reason. Argan oil is used as a hair oil, body lotion, and even cooking oil when obtained from Moroccan argan trees. Although argan oil is being used in Africa for centuries, the benefits of argan oil for hair have only recently gained popularity in the […]

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Important Aspects to Consider for Stimulating Hair Growth 

The most important aspect of finding a decent solution for hair growth has been healthy nutrition. Your hair encompasses protein. Therefore, you would require protein for the adequate growth of your hair available in numerous foods. Moreover, you could make the most of special products, such as shea butter for hair growth, oils, and moisturizers […]

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The diet for preventing hair fall problem

It is always adesire of many individuals to have healthy skin and hair. Hair grows about 0.5 inches every month. The hair growing speed relies on few factors, which are health, diet, age, and genetics. Age and genetic factors are those that cannot be changed, but diet can be. For silky and nourished hair, bring […]