Everybody say Hi to the new 'CLASSIFIEDS' feature of Style Fiesta!
I'm constantly receiving emails from my lovely readers regarding career tips, job options and internship opportunities, while on the other side of this fancy world- fashion houses, branding agencies and creative firms are always on the lookout for some extra help.
Here at Style Fiesta I'm hoping to bridge the gap between the two in the fashion, lifestyle, branding and creative segment; keeping in mind that the audience of Style Fiesta is the perfect genre for the aforementioned categories.

Whether you're a designer, magazine, writer, branding honcho, or just about anyone, if you know of a cool job/internship opening just drop in a mail at stylefiesta@gmail.com and we'll make sure someone fills the spot. 


  1. Hey thanks for using my photo above. I'm surprised however that you failed to credit that I actually made this photograph. I do not mind people using my photos, but do demand that they properly credit me with a link to the original image.

    So please, do the right (the courteous) thing and acknowledge those who make the images that you use.


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