Month: 1 year ago

Fashion William Jenny 

Why give flowers as presents?

You may have noticed that people seem to appreciate receiving flowers quite a lot. Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty, love, and affection, and they have been used for centuries in many cultures and traditions as a way of expressing emotions. People generally appreciate when they receive flowers, particularly on occasions. Click here to […]

Shopping Clare Louise 

Bandhani sarees as a symbol of women’s identity and empowerment in Indian society

Bandhani sarees are traditional Indian sarees that are characterized by their vibrant colors and unique patterns. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans using a traditional tie-dye technique, which involves tying small sections of fabric with threads before dyeing them to create intricate patterns. Bandhani sarees have been a part of Indian culture for centuries and […]

Fashion Micheal Debo 

Why does custom clothing be future of fashion?

Custom clothing is personalized clothing or made-to-measure clothing favored by fashion-conscious customers. When you are a customer, you can make and design customized clothing. Technological advances will lead to automated tailoring machines. It will help to handle customers’ demands, but tailored suits will be a trend in the coming years. These are why people still […]