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How to Make Paracord Zipper Pulls

Paracord zipper pulls are some of the most exciting ways to personalize and improve your backpack’s overall functionality. You can use this during emergencies to fix a piece of gear or create a tourniquet when an accident occurs.

There are many reasons why zipper pulls can be very fantastic. They can add an extra level of leverage and access to your zippers, provide the zipper with a small extension to let you grab them easier, use more strength on your zipper if it gets stuck and offer a bigger grip point to grab if your zippers are small.

To start making paracord zipper pulls, first, you will some paracord that you can buy online or from local hardware stores.

1. Cut the Cord

If you want to make a small paracord zipper pull, you can use around 60 cm or a little over 2 feet of the paracord to give you a nicely sized zipper pull that is easy to make at the same time.

It is relatively easy to cut a paracord and a sharp knife or household scissors will work fine.
You shouldn’t worry if the cord’s outer layer retracts slightly with inner fibers showing. It happens to everyone there is no issue here because you will be cutting off the area later on.

2. Set Up

Take the paracord then fold this over on itself or fold in half to get the centre. You can use a piece of sticky tape then have the center taped to the table. It will help lock down the base and let you get the right proportions.

From there, you can fold the right side piece of the cord up and over itself with the upper portion of the loop at about 4 inches or 100mm.

3. Start the Knot

Similar to the right side on the second step, take the left portion then loop this below the center cords.

4. In the Holes

Starting from there, grab the right end then thread this inside the hole formed by the cord on the left side. You should do the same for the cord on the left and thread this into the hole formed by the cord on the right.

5. Tighten

Once the cords have been threaded in the looped holes, you just need to tighten them. You will now get a cobra knot that will serve as the zipper pull’s base.

6. Start the Weave

After setting the base, you can do the process again of looping the cord on the right side and fold this over the top. Get the left side below then the two cords through the holes similar to the fourth step and tighten.

7. Repeat

Repeat the whole process three to four times for weaving the paracor zipper pull. After you complete this, the cord can be cut near the pull’s main body.

8. Seal

Finally, use a lighter or match and lightly touch its flame to the tips of the paracord to slightly melt the ends to ensure that the cord doesn’t end up fraying.’s zipper pulls are some of the best pulls you can find that are guaranteed that you will never ever need alternatives like paracord zipper pulls ever again.