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10 Classy Gift Ideas For Frugal Moms

Clothes. New appliances. A really nice dinner for two. Moms can be tough to shop for — we know that! But we also know that they deserve the best, and sometimes the least expensive option is no good. 

So, we put together a list of frugal-friendly gift ideas that will make any mom sit up and take notice. And it’s still all affordable.

1. A journal

You don’t have to buy the fanciest pen on the market to make a great surprise gift. Walking into a stationary store like Staples or Office Depot, you’ll see filling stations for pens that feature holiday colours and patterns for as little as $2 each.

2. A new gadget

That’s right. A frugalista is not afraid to splash out on a new gadget. And there are some good deals out there this holiday season with deals on Samsung Galaxy phones and iPads. 

3. A skincare kit

There are lots of gift sets out there that can help any mom look like she’s been living in a beauty spa. They feature all kinds of goodies like cleansers, exfoliators and lotions. You can check at Iamyoubox as they usually have a monthly box with a lot of these finds. 

4. Tea

Tea is a gift idea that never goes out of vogue, and it’s an idea that makes any mom feel comfortable. A nice bag of tea, a spot on the desk and a topic of conversation are all you need to make a tea lover in your life happy. 

5. A New Fashion Statement

Your mom’s wardrobe needs some makeover. Why not give her some new clothes she can mix-and-match? She will definitely thank you for that. 

6.  A pamper kit

A bath and body gift basket makes a lovely gift for a mom who is feeling under the weather and needs some pampering. It could even be picked up at the drugstore for way less than department store prices. 

7. A set of dryer balls

Dryer balls help take off static from your clothes as you dry them. They can be found for as little as $5 at Walmart and many other big box stores. They are a great idea for the frugal mom on the go. 

8. A gift from her favourite restaurant

Is your mom a foodie? If so, why not look around for a place that delivers to her and get her dinner on the table? It will give you an excuse to see her, have a cup of coffee and drop off a gift in person. 

9. A hug

Did you know that hug releases an enzyme called oxytocin that’s 30 times more powerful than adrenaline? It also makes you feel good and calms your body down. There are lots of places around that offer free hugs for the mom in your life.

10. A good message

Sometimes, all a mom needs for Christmas is some words of comfort or wisdom that only you can give her. Make her day by writing her a note that she can keep forever in its own elegant frame, or send it to her over email.

That’s it. There are lots of gift ideas for your mom that doesn’t break the bank. You don’t need to be pricey. So go ahead, grab the shopping bags and let’s go!

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