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5 Tips for Taking Better Maternity Photographs

I love belly shots for a number of reasons. Despite getting a bad rap because of humorous websites that show us what not to do, they can still be absolutely stunning.

There is a great deal of excitement, change, and anticipation to document! You get to know new parents before you work with their newborn, and it’s also nice to have subjects follow directions. Hire an Auckland maternity photographer near you to find the best choice.

It’s a whole different ballgame if you have other kids at your maternity session (especially toddlers)  but these tips still apply!

Hands-on Belly

Touching the bump is a very natural reaction for her! By putting these hands here, her belly is really highlighted and she has a place to put her hands.

Try hands on her hips, in her pocket, or even touching her hair if that works.

Up High

Bring a stool to your session if you can stand on something. The height of your subject and the size of the belly are two ways to flatter them.

Think outside the box! If you want to photograph from the top, you should have your subject(s) lie down on a quilt or blanket. You can minimize parts of your body that might have gotten bigger during pregnancy (other than the belly) by getting up high.

Straight On

Whether or not she wears a bump depends a lot on how ‘out there’ it is. Getting a straight-on shot of mama can help you tell if she is pregnant.

Pregnant moms should twist to the side, but she does not need to be completely turned, 45° angles can also work.


Maternity images are very creative, which is one of the things people love about them.

If you’re working with two adults who will take direction, now is the time to play with composition, color, and angles. I find that challenging!

It is difficult to think on the fly when photographing kids and babies, because most of the time we have to follow their lead. Plan out your session beforehand and try something new.

When it comes to belly sessions, it has become popular to photograph only the bump (guilty! ), but don’t forget to include your face as well.