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4 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Designer Watches for Women

The change in tastes and preferences makes it hectic to pick the best designer watches for women. If you always find it challenging to select the best watch, worry no more.

This article gives you solid principles for choosing a designer watch that meets your tastes and preferences.

Consider the following when buying designer watches for women:

  • Type of material
  • The watch’s movement type
  • The watch’s functionality
  • The brand

Before elaborating how each of the above factors influences your choice of a designer watch, it would help if you understood what a designer watch entails. Let’s get started.

What Are Designer Watches for Women?

Designer watches are sometimes referred to as luxury watches. For a watch to inherit the name “designer,” it must possess the following traits:

First, the watch must trace its origin from a renowned designer. Secondly, the watches are certified chronometer, meaning they meet specific predetermined international standards.

Thirdly, the watch aims for quality design besides timekeeping. They are famous for the utmost art, time, and quality of their designs.

The watches, specifically designed for women, have short straps, possess a low-key appearance, emphasize quiet elegance, and are smaller (in size) than men’s.

Unique materials make them. Most of the materials are precious gemstones and metals. For this reason, most designer watches for women cost between $3,000 and $50,000 each.

And the least experience you may want to encounter is spending heavily on such a watch and then realizing that the watch does not meet your expectations. That is why you should pay attention to the following factors before buying a designer watch:

4 Factors to Consider Before Acquiring Designer Watches for Women

1.   Type of Material

The material used to make the watch determines its quality and ability to match your complexion and attire. The most typical materials for making designer watches are titanium, ceramic, gold, or stainless steel.

Gold is rare, yellow metal, and is often associated with class, power, and luxury. It matches most undertones.

The best matching undertone for a gold watch is a yellow or pink one. The watch generates a warm feeling between it and your skin.

The materials, such as titanium and gold, can last years under good care. This contributes to their quality.

Most of the watches’ bands are leather, ceramic, fabric, stainless steel, or rubber to improve the watches’ impressiveness, lightness, and lasting. The material type influences functionality, as shown below.

  • Functionality

Before buying a luxury watch, check why you need it. Better yet, inspect your daily activities and pick a watch that matches the lifestyle.

For example, I bet you do not want to spend thousands of cash on a golden watch and use it for sporty diving. Instead, it would be best if you preserved the watch for special parties and occasions.

You should buy long-lasting, washable watch band types such as rubber if you want to move around while using the watch frequently.

3.   Movement Type

The oldest and best watches in the market come with quartz movement. It causes the watch’s second hand to move in ticks under battery power.

Mechanical watches have their second hands moving in a smooth, sweeping manner. Lastly, automatic watches utilize the motional energy of your wrist to move automatically.

4.   The Brand

The rise of fake watch designs and copycats make it necessary to be vigilant before investing in a designer watch.

Conduct a due background check of the seller before buying a watch from them. Where possible, rely on authentic sellers to get your preferred designer watch.


The dynamic personal interests and market designs make it difficult to choose a watch that meets your needs.

Check the material used to make the watch, its functionality, movement type, brand, and its seller before buying designer watches for women.

With the help of these tips and women’s watches’ best deals found on online websites, you can easily own a luxury watch so that you look posh and classy.