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5 avoidable And 5 popular Fashion accessories in 2021.

Covid 19 has transformed life in many ways. The fashion wiki world has no exception in this context. Certain accessories of fashion will be popular in 2021 because Covid19 has limited the use of many types of fashion accessories.

Let’s take a look here. 

5 avoidable accessories of fashion in 2021.

  1. Lipstick 

This is probable that wearing a mask will limit the use of lipstick. As applying lipstick will be so irritating due to the mask worn, the sale of lipstick will plummet. It will be foolish to spend your hard earned money on lipsticks.

  1. Lip jewellery 

Since Covid19 safety has restricted the people to keep their face without being covered, the use of lip pins, needles and rings is likely to decline considerably, leading to drop in sales of the lip accessories.

  1. Nose accessories 

Like lip accessories, nose jewellery are not on the list of 2021 fashion accessories. Wearing a mask will affect the choice of users. They will not go for the inconvenience that wearing a nose pin under the mask will offer. Therefore,  nose pins are going to be unpopular in 2021.

  1. Teeth accessories 

Teeth will be another part of the body that is going to be deprived of any accessories. Teeth accessories do not  come as a new scenario of fashion but they used to be worn in past centuries too. However corona pandemic has diminished the interest among users who got used to wearing teeth gems, metal plates and so on. 

5.Chin accessories 

Unfortunately, beautiful chins now will not be seen with any jewellery because they will remain covered with masks. For this reason, chin accessories are going to face decline in popularity. Stop now if you are planning to buy any accessories for your chin. 2021 is not the right time for chin accessories.

5 popular Fashion accessories in 2021.

  1. Artificial eye lenses 

Artificial eye lenses are becoming increasingly popular around all genders. Since a mask does not cover your eyes,  eye accessories can be the best choice to explore fashion trends in 2021. Enjoy wearing different shades of lenses.

  1. Eye lashes 

Covid19 situation has left limited options to follow fashion.Fortunately eye make up is still an open choice and eyelashes attract the majority of the women. Choose pretty colors as you like. 

  1. Eyebrow needles and ring. 

Eyebrow piercing has shown a great fascination especially among teenagers. As a mask will not cover your eyebrows,  eyebrow piercing can be an easy choice to enjoy fashion of 2021. Designer and branded needles and rings are available online. Go for it!  

  1. Forehead needles 

This would be another adventure with your body ornamentation. People have started exploring more with faces and they have chosen a forehead this time. Year 2021 will witness an increase in the number of forehead piercings as the mask leaves the forehead uncovered widely. Are you ready to get a little pain then? 

  1. Hair accessories 

As always hair accessories like pins,  clips and rubber bands will remain popular among teens and adults both. Select lovely colors like orange, yellow,  pink and green.

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