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6 Unbelievable Facts You Need to Know About Organic Clothing

We might often find ourselves trying to figure out the right moment and season to wear organic hemp clothing and with all the misconceptions around hemp fashion, it makes it harder for one to pick up this lifestyle. Hemp is one of those plants that not only has its benefits in the medicinal world but also has its fair share in the fabric industry. Here are 6 facts that you need to know about organic hemp clothing.

  • Super comfortable: People have a misconception about hemp for being rough on the skin when it comes to fabrics. But in reality, organic hemp fabric is one of the favorite choices for fashion brands as it is very nice and very comfortable to use while looking sophisticated at the same time. 
  • Light breathable fabric: Different materials act differently when it comes to fabrics. Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are less breathable and can produce body odor after a long period of use. Natural fabrics like hemp are light and comfortable, allowing the skin to breathe and feel fresh. 
  • Sturdy in its own way: Designers have figured out that organic hemp fabric is easy to use and sturdy, giving it no space to form a crease when you use it. Thus, it omits the hard work of ironing every now and then. It can also easily be made into any type of outfit.
  • All year round: Organic fabric like hemp is neither too thick nor too thin for the body, thus making it the ideal material to use for clothing all year round. It is really comfortable to wear in summers, and you can layer them up in winter just to have that same level of comfort.
  • Water and UV-resistant: Hemp is an organic plant-based hydrophobic fiber that does not absorb water easily, making it water-resistant in nature. This anti-UV fabric does not get bland after usage like other materials, providing a longer use time for them.
  • Durable and recyclable: Hemp is four times durable than other clothing materials such as cotton and linen. It is perfectly fine to wear them outdoors for long periods of time without having to think about wear and tears. Also, hemp is biodegradable, making it easier to recycle without causing any harm to the environment. 

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